Orange, Blue, White

This has nothing to do with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, nor does it have to do with the Chicago Bears.

Instead, it has to do with the “PlayBuzz” quizzes that I took this morning. They are for entertainment purposes only, but some of them are quite indicative of my personality or self when they are intended as personality tests. So, I wanted to give the results of three “colored” personality tests that I took today and briefly reflect on the results. Before we go too far, here’s an illustration.


The first test I took was the True Personality test. After answering a few questions, the following result appeared:

“You have an ORANGE personality! According to Dr. Carol Ritberger, this means that you’re a “let’s just get along” kind of person. You are kind, cooperative, and always put others first. You appreciate order and organization, and you respond well to rules. Dr. Ritberger adds that as an Orange, you probably tend to worry and are susceptible to lower digestive issues.”

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Too true for me. My personality has always seemed to be Live-and-Let-Live. I don’t get involved with politics, preferring whatever policies are likely to let people do their own thing. Hence why I am pro-LGBT (even if not actively), because their status is not hurting anyone else. I do respond well to rules, and in fact sometimes feel constrained by them, not wanting to break them.

Maybe I don’t always put others first, but my kindness and ease to be around has been described by my friends and family as a very positive trait of mine.

And the lower digestive issues: WOW! How did they know? Many of my feelings find their way to my stomach. Though I call my blog “Never A Worry,” I indeed internalize worry through the GI tract! But externally, you’d never know unless it is prime time for my system to react (i.e., in the evening or night).

Although I rarely get angry, I was interested in another color quiz: the “Anger Color personality test.” This also seemed to follow my personality: read below.

White is the color of your anger! Your anger is righteous. You’re a highly evolved soul from a higher plane. Your emotions are pure and your anger only rears its head when there’s a profound injustice. Your anger is always in pursuit of the common good and justice. You believe deeply in fairness and when things aren’t right you’ll turn the world upside down to make things the way they should be, but when it comes to the little annoyances of life you just can’t be bothered! You’re a noble person with a strong spiritual side – whether you realize it or not! Keep it up because this world needs you!

Now, I don’t know about the highly evolved soul from a higher plane, but given how rarely my anger appears,  it could fit in with the Wisdom of the Fathers as given below:

קשה לכעוס ונוח לרצות, חסיד

(translation: (One who is) difficult to anger and convenient (i.e., easy) to please is saintly.)

So many little things in this world are not worth getting upset over. Although there are some things which burn my candle, so much more ends up bouncing off me. It takes very little to make me happy, and it takes a lot of “hyperbolic sine integral with an argument of time” [notice: this is a well-masked Four Letter Word] to anger me. Unlike my Dad, I don’t even think I have explosive anger.

However, I have not gotten particularly angry even with the injustices in this world… maybe because they have not struck close to home yet. It ties in with my political inactivity mentioned earlier in this post.

And for one more color, I had the test of my aura’s color. Though I don’t necessarily believe in an aura, I can still see how well the personality test aligns with me! The color revealed was blue, as given below:

A blue aura is cool, calm and collected. You’re kind and loyal, with a relaxed personality that belies a deeper emotional intelligence.. You’re a true empath that is deeply sensitive to your surroundings, which enables you to quickly understand those around you. Your highly evolved intuition is always to be trusted, especially as it guides you to help and support others. You have a remarkable ability to “go with the flow” and you rarely waste energy on anger or frustration. Blue auras have a therapeutic effect on their environments, making it an incredibly important energy!

Cool, calm, and collected? Absolutely. Just like with the anger quiz, it showed that I rarely get angry, and am quite docile most of the time. This can be both a positive and a negative, as my docile nature sometimes makes me not chase things that I should… that nearly got me in trouble with the job search. (Thank goodness I have a job!)

Kindness and loyalty goes with me hand-in-hand, and furthermore, the “therapeutic effect on the environments” I have noticed, and others have told me that. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I have no fear of jumping into a somewhat-unknown social circle and feel comfortable around most people?

I am definitely an empath, but that does not necessarily translate to a sympath. Though I can certainly FEEL others’ emotions, I cannot always REACT appropriately to them. The deep sensitivity, however, is obvious. That may tie in with my orange personality and how things sometimes go to my lower GI tract!

Do these, however, suggest a strong emotional intelligence that I am simply not able to wield?

Personality tests are really interesting. Although the ones from PlayBuzz are certainly not clinical, they are still well-done for amusement, and I wonder how they are able to describe me so accurately. Well, I guess I am quite straightforward!


NABC: 29 days.

Menomonie: <= 45 days.

UW-Stout classes start: 63 days.

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