Be kind, please rewind!

That’s something you never hear nowadays, but I still remember it from the late ’90s when most of the video stores were still renting VHS tapes. DVDs HAD started to come into the picture, however.

As usual, though, this post is not only about rewinding a VHS tape. (Well, maybe it is, in a way…)



Or, I’m participating in a fun improv game.

So, if I’m walking backwards, I’m either trying to rewind a mistake, check to make sure my party is all aboard, or imitating a tour guide. The latter despite the fact that I never led a campus tour!

Naturally, I cannot literally rewind time, but it is fun to walk backwards. It’s a different sort of exercise!

BUT… since I wanted to “reverse” my error, I decided to walk backwards, and move my fingers back and forth in front of my face. Along with imitating the “whirring” sound that the VHS player makes when rewinding a video.

So, because I wanted to discuss the paper, I returned to my office to retrieve it.

However, I left it in my office.

Yesterday, when I was heading to my meeting with my advisor, there was a paper with which I wanted to discuss some technical difficulties I noticed.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaab ym.

And if you haven’t made sense of this post, try reading it in a different way! What’s the title of the post?


NABC: 27 days.

Menomonie: <= 43 days.

UW-Stout classes start: 61 days.

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