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Yesterday, I started reading a few blogs that I had left on my browser unread from Monday, and then continued with more recent posts on the WordPress Reader.

However, it has changed! The interface looks subtly different.

Each post has the title, the first few lines, the name of the blog, and a feature photo if applicable. The Comment and Like buttons remain, as well as the tags.

The “Read more…” (that said “N more words…”) that used to link directly to the post is gone. Instead, you can click on the text that begins to get greyed out in order to see more of the post.

Annoyingly, however, if the post has inserted a Read More tag, clicking on the greyed-out text leads you to a new page (not an ESC’able) pop-up overlay, and has the “Visit this site for more”. Though this is also on the page, I do not like the two-click system that was never like so on the old version of the interface.

If the post has NOT inserted a “Read More” tag, you can read the whole post from the Reader, but the commenting interface is less friendly.

Additionally, there is a quote of time on the bottom of each cell, such as “3 minute read.” I like this as an idea for how long the post is, but I would rather have the word count than the quoted time. Another blogging site, Medium, does this time estimation too. Is this just to cater to a short attention span of bloggers or people in general?



Though the interface is still similar to the old one, I am not a fan of this new version. I’d rather see the ESC’able overlays.

And just as I mentioned around this time last year, change for change’s sake is not always favorable!


NABC: 22 days

Menomonie: <= 38 days

UW-Stout classes start: 56 days

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