I don’t know how meta this post is actually going to be, but I will attempt to get a few things of “meta” into the post. It is a meta-analysis of my mind, because this may read to some people like I just threw words onto the page. Such is the state of my mind sometimes 🙂

Let me add an “L” to “meta” and connect it to a song that I like… and then I’ll get on with the association.

Yes, in these meta ways…

But, I digress. The real reason for this post was a comment on today’s Pearls Before Swine (hope that the link is a perma-link)! If not, here’s the summary:

In the first panel, Pig asks Stephan the definition of the word “meta,” as it is used in popular culture. In the second panel, Stephan asks Pig if he knows what a metaphor is. In the third panel, Pig asks, “What’s a meta metaphor for?” and the punch line is cut off by Rat’s “STOP!”

Sometimes, when I read the comics online, the comment section is the meta-comic. One of the comments stuck out to me, as follows:

“Met a Meta Metaphor for four?”

That one was so salient because the Meta Metaphor actually popped up to me in the construct of that comment (in a way). Plus, I’m being meta for commenting about a comment!

Consider these mnemonics that I have used recently. It is better to vocalize them than it is to write them:

SINE: Sine Cosine Cosine Sine.

COSINE: Co Sine Co Sine SIGN Sine Sine.

What the heck? These are mnemonics for the angle sum identities, and I learnt this mnemonic from a TA when I was working in the Math Resource Center. Why does it work? Consider the following formulae:



Then compare those to the above. As a result of this mnemonic, I have never forgotten these two formulae.

IN FACT… I would even venture to say that these two identities, as well as identities among the 6 basic functions (i.e., tan(x)=sin(x)/cos(x), cot(x)=1/tan(x), sec(x)=1/cos(x), and csc(x)=1/sin(x)) are the only ones that you need to memorize! Pretty much anything can be verified through these identities.

(This might be a good post to show my College Math II students during the coming Fall Semester! There’s another METAanalysis!)


Stout Pad Scout: 4 days.

NABC: 17 days.

Menomonie: 25 days.

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