Minty fresh

I was originally going to post this writing last Friday, but my idea of trip odometers superseded this idea. But as it turns out, postponing the post to today is a better co-incidence! Why is this?

“Minty fresh” brings up one of the photos which I took exactly four years ago on this day: July 27, 2011! Here is that photo:

israel 677

Actually, something else about this picture will be reconsidered in four days on my blog. Stay tuned for that!

Ah, the Salad Trail. One of many fun activities on that day in Israel (the blog post linked wasn’t published exactly 4 years ago, mind you :p), and an amazing example of agriculture in the desert. Let me talk about mint in a different sense, however.

Last Monday, I was at a bar for a singing contest that one of my friends from Birthright participated in. Like usual, the only beverage that I drank was water. I also chose to chew some peppermint gum.

There is some nice effervescence that happens when you combine mint with cold water or another cold beverage. Even if it is just mint-flavored. But I get the same refreshing effect when I suck on a starlight mint while drinking cold water or Sprite or ginger ale. The latter two are likely to happen on an airplane. (Maybe I’ll mention something about the lattermost in a future blog post!)

In addition to the mint flavor or the extracts found in the starlight mints or the mint-flavored gum, I also like the flavor of mint leaves themselves. The Salad Trail in Israel was the first time that I had ever eaten a mint leaf itself. I included it on a pita that I baked at the end of this activity, as well as eating one right off the bush in that desert greenhouse.

A few weeks ago, I went to a speakeasy as a send-off party for one of my friends from grad school. I got an ice cream dessert which included a sprig of mint. I cut off bits and pieces of the mint to spoon into the ice cream. Wow, that really improved the flavor!

I should consider including mint as a spice for other desserts, or even just to jazz up drinking water. After all, I did make chocolate/mint covered matzah during Passover this last year. It was good!

(You may notice that I used both the words “desert” and “dessert” in this post. This was unintentional, but after I noticed it, had to boldface each of them. I’ll mention something about THAT in a future blog post too!)

Do you like mint as a spice or flavor? Do you have any good recipe suggestions that involve mint? Let me know!

P.S. Another thing that happened four years ago: “That camel is mine!” (Though this picture is not of me on a camel–it was from my camera and this was before I discovered the “joy” of selfies.)

israel 757


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