The strange context of the title may be fairly obvious to some people–notice that the “IV” in the word “anniversary” is capitalized.

Well, I have good news: it has nothing to do with it being a day where I needed IVs… intravenous fluids. Ha! Or, as Drakkar Sauna sings (near the 11:00 mark), “We’re going to need insulin, intra-veneously! Seriously?”

Before I mention the context, let me talk a little bit about the word “anniversary.” This post may read a little bit disjointed, so please be prepared for it to wander.

The definition of an anniversary is the date on which something happened in a previous year. The most common anniversaries which people tend to observe are birthdays and wedding anniversaries.


In fact, whenever I hear the word “anniversary” in others’ conversations without any other context, I think of “wedding anniversary” before I think of “birthday” or other type of anniversary.

That thought is actually odd to me, since I am single, and I think of MANY other personal anniversaries that would be private knowledge.

An interesting thing about the word anniversary: I often take it to have a “positive” connotation. The word “anniversary” is often paired with the word “happy,” but there are many types of anniversaries which may be commemorated when they are not happy. For example:

  • The yahrzeit (death anniversary with respect to the Jewish calendar).
  • For me, I will always remember the anniversary of the Bike-on-Car Crash (November 22) or impetus of the Character Building Trial (June 29).
  • We remember the anniversary of the New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. terrorist attacks on September 11 of each year.
  • In the Jewish calendar, the anniversary of the destruction of the Temples is commemorated every year on the ninth day of the month of Av (or the tenth day when the ninth day falls on Shabbat).

Yet, there are plenty of neutral or positive anniversaries that I remember, such as my birthday (July 3 / 6 Tammuz), bar mitzvah (July 21-22 / 19 Tammuz), permanent moving days since 1996 (August 25, October 1, September 7), eyeglasses day (April 7), etc.

Today is a multiple anniversary, which happened on the same day, IV (4) years ago! Hence the punny capitalization of the “IV” within the word “anniversary!”

Four years ago, I returned from my Birthright Israel trip, and started my blog on the same day. Given that it has been four years, does that mean that my blog has now earnt its bachelor’s degree? :p

Co-incidentally, today also happens to be ט”ו באב, the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Av. This is Israel’s version of Valentine’s Day. So it’s appropriate to talk about anniversaries on this date!

And as is customary, I will post this at precisely 13:00 today!

Oh, and one more thing before I sign off: the fourth anniversary is evidently the “Linen” anniversary. Thus, I must post one of my favorite Mondegreens: “I’m not talking about the linens.”


NABC: 6 days.

Menomonie: 14 days.

Stout teaching starts: 40 days.

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