Can’t Win

Yesterday, I had planned on riding my bike both to and from League. The transportation ended up being a Can’t-Win situation, but thankfully it did not become a You-Lose situation. I’ll explain: in my case, Winning and Losing are not Black and White.

So, it was a pretty warm day yesterday, with temperatures in the upper eighties (Fahrenheit), and it was quite humid too. Yuck. But, it was still nice to not have to pay the “L” fare (my U-Pass expired since I have technically graduated).

In addition to the heat, however, I fought a harsh crosswind when I was on the Lakefront Trail. And if I say Lakefront Trail, that will be one reason why although I couldn’t win yesterday, I didn’t lose either. More on this later. Though I did see a Loser on the Lakefront Trail… again I’ll get back to that.

Then, when I got onto the roads, and started heading southwest, the wind was even worse… since it was blowing directly in my face. My usual cruising speed when riding my road bike is usually 22-25 kph (14-16 mph). With the harsh wind, there were times when I was struggling to maintain 20 kph (12 mph)!

Despite these difficulties, I still beat the Google Maps quote by 10 minutes–GO ME! I guess I could call that a Win…

And I see that I’m also undermining my premise that at League and the pre-release tournament, I went a combined 3-1.

But afterward, the misadventures continued. Clearly, fighting the wind on the way there meant I would have a tailwind on the way back.

This was true… but there was also the bad cadence of red lights, where I got stopped at virtually every one!

Furthermore, a storm front was fast approaching from the west, and the heat was still on. With all of these factors, as I approached the nearest L station, I vowed: “ABORT MISSION!” And I took the train to escape the storm.

The skies threaten over there... so I baiLed out.

The skies threaten over there… so I baiLed out.

Fast forward to the Belmont stop. Everyone was kicked off the train for a mysterious reason. The skies were threatening to the east, and clear to the west. It was hot and humid, and I waited for the next train.

It pulled in, and the operator said, “Do not board this train! This train is not in service!”

Mystified, I inquired, and they said that “There’s debris on the tracks north of here, so no trains are running north. Board a shuttle bus downstairs.”

Ain’t nobody got time for shuttle buses when they have bikes! So I simply saddled up and biked back to Evanston. So my bike ride wasn’t a total failure!


Now, about the Winners and Losers. Clearly, I didn’t Win the game of riding my bike the whole way as described above.

But, the Loser on the Trail that I talked about was a dragonfly that flew between my moving spokes and got thrown to the pavement.

I was not a Loser yesterday, because there was no bike-on-bike crash, bike-on-car crash, or lightning-on-cyclist crash.


NABC: 3 days.

Menomonie: 11 days.

Stout teaching starts: 37 days.

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2 thoughts on “Can’t Win

  1. Hi Noah , I have nominated you for the Liebster award. ((“the Liebster is passed around the blogging community to those who have fewer than 200 followers.”))

    The nomination asks for you to answer 10 questions from your Nominator as well as set 10 of your own and nominate blogs of your choice who will then do the same.

    For my questions to the nominees (these are on my blog as well)

    Who is your role model?
    Do you have any regrets in life
    What is your favourite movie?
    If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
    What are your lucky numbers
    Name something you are afraid of?
    What is your fondest childhood memory?
    Define yourself in 5 words?
    What is your greatest achievement this far?
    Why or how did you start blogging?


    • Thank you for the nomination, but (a) I have more than 200 followers, and (b) this blog no longer accepts awards that have a required pass-it-on component.

      (Many of the questions I have already answered in old posts on my blog, also :))

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