No One Dances and No One Goes Away (#4M)

This title is probably one of the most convoluted titles that I have made as of yet on my blog! But, I wanted to come up with something that would pique curiosity.

Particularly, the fact that I have made this a #4M (Monday’s Music Moves Me) post, it seems strange that I’m telling people to NOT dance! Well, the reasoning behind this will become clear in a couple of moments.

I have eight (!) songs on today’s post, in four pairs. Why? Listen to the parts that I suggest on the Hebrew songs, and then compare to the English songs that follow:

Set one… “No One”

The first Hebrew song follows, and is called אף אחד (No One), sung by קובי פרץ (Koby Peretz) . The part which got me thinking was the first 30 seconds.

Compare these first thirty seconds to THIS well-known song in English:

Set two… “Dances”

The first song of this set is a fun song that I heard on Israeli radio the Friday before this most recent one. It is called כולם רוקדים עכשיו (Everyone Dances Now). For people who knew pop music in the ’90s, that title will remind you of the C+C Music Factory and the song “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).” Thus, I’ll post them back to back. The songs sound completely different, and the words are nothing alike either, but I’m putting them together due to the titles. Which of the two do you prefer?

Set three: “No One”

So, קובי פרץ isn’t the only Israeli to have written a song called אף אחד with a part of the melody resembling an English song. While I was searching for his song on YouTube (remembering the song but forgetting the artist), I stumbled upon a song, also called אף אחד, by רז שמואלי (Raz Shmueli). And its tune also resembles an English song… but said English song is newer, and once again, the lyrics don’t match up at all. First, here is אף אחד…

The English song is by a group named September, and the song is Cry For You.

Set four: “Goes Away”

Last week, I heard a song in Hebrew which has the same tune and theme as an English song from the ’60s. It is called הסתלקי רות (Go Away, Ruth). I’ll let you have a listen to it, and you will probably immediately identify the English song.

Yep, evidently in Israel, Ruth is the new Jack…

ENCORE SET: Bonus space of instrumentals!

In 2006, when my family was returning to Nebraska from a cousin’s wedding in Oklahoma, we stopped at Penny’s Diner in Marysville, Kansas for dinner. One of the songs that came on was “Outa Space” by Billy Preston, and I enjoyed it, as given below:

Well, as it turns out, the sound of this song made me want to groove… inspired by the character Miror B. in the video game Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Take a quick listen to his theme (it loops after about 50 seconds).

So, it is quite amusing to hear some of these songs back-to-back. Hopefully I don’t get hit with any cease-and-desists, given that I didn’t write any of these songs!

Today’s post is part of the blog hop hosted by X-mas Dolly.

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7 thoughts on “No One Dances and No One Goes Away (#4M)

  1. Thank you so much for joining us at Monday’s Music Moves Me. Hope you had a great time. I know some of your tunes, and thanks for introducing us to the others. Do come back again next Monday. You can find our themes in my sidebar. You have definitely ROCKED the house!


  2. I love dancing and it was nice to be introduced to these different vibes of music.
    And welcome to our Monday’s music train! We appeciate you coming and sharing with us.
    Hope your week is going great!


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