Down and dirty

Don’t worry, this post is clean (and relatively short). Though I suppose that saying that phrase will bring up a song (naturally!)

As I mentioned in the post on Wednesday, I have just moved to Menomonie… except that I am still somewhat in limbo. This is because some of my articles were still in Evanston, and it would not all have fit in a single vehicle when going on my own.

Furthermore, my official contract at Stout doesn’t begin until Monday. So I had pre-planned a trip to Evanston this weekend for final clean-up and pick-up.

It started at 07:10 in the morning… but first I had to park the car in a garage so that I would not incur ANOTHER parking violation like last week! Then, I had to consider which way to go for starting the cleaning.

I started by putting all of my dirty laundry into the washer, and then returning to my apartment. I chose to clean the kitchen area first, because it had not been deep-cleaned for a while. And I’m not getting fined and put on housing probation again like I was this time four years ago! (Of course, the housing probation would be a toothless punishment at this point :p).





So, I moved the refrigerator from its niche and saw a very dirty floor in the back, since I had never pulled the fridge that far back. Using some cleaner and soap and water, the grimy, dusty floor was cleaned. This was the name of the post, coming.

(In fact, though I didn’t take a picture of this area, compare the areas before and after for the remainder of the kitchen floor.)

Before cleaning the rest of the kitchen floor, I took the advice of moving out at UNL: Cleaning is best done “top to bottom.” So I cleaned out the drawers starting from the top, scrubbing down the baked on oils, dust, and other mess that had accumulated. It was surprisingly easy… unless I actually needed to use a ton of elbow grease and will pay for it tomorrow. We’ll see!

OK, so I don’t need to detail ALL of the details of cleaning, but one thing that I did do: return the room to its original configuration. Hmm… in another post (after I fully move out), I will give the Before And After photos. This will be posted on Sunday… so that I still have 3 posts in this week! Ha.


Orientation: 3 days.

Stout teaching starts: 19 days.

Rosh Hashanah: 24 days.

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2 thoughts on “Down and dirty

  1. Nice job on the cleaning, Noah! There is something almost therapeutic about heavy-duty cleaning, I find; one can drift off into a trance state while giving one’s muscles a really good work-out…xx


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