Dinosaur eggs

Dinosaur eggs? When I wrote this post, I later found out that I can make somewhat of a double entendre here in a strange fashion. How I love these situations.

The inspiration for this post comes from a food that my Mom nicknamed “dinosaur eggs,” and the story starts about ten years ago.  As is often the case, food makes a very strong candidate for vivid memories. So here it comes!

The “dinosaur eggs” that I refer to here are pluots, as shown in the picture below. (A bonus: the background is my new kitchen in Menomonie. I took this picture today!)


Ten years ago (plus a few days), Mom and Dad helped me to move in to the dorm Neihardt Hall at UNL, after a pre-season picnic for the Southeast band, which Molly and Levi marched in. En route to the dorm, Mom and I went to Russ’s Market on 17th and Washington Streets.

On this grocery trip, the food obtained included some fruits, some candies, milk, ice cream, and other snacks for the dorm room. The fruits included pears and pluots. Evidently the latter are in season only in the summer, and are prime in August. I had them a few times that summer, and liked them.

The dorm-stocking became a tradition each year that I moved back into Neihardt, and was something that Mom always enjoyed. Thus, it was the signal of a new beginning.

This month, however, it signaled both an ending AND a beginning. On Tuesday, August 4, after going to League at Ken’s Diner, I went to the Village Market Place for the last time as an Evanston resident, and pluots were one of the items on sale. Thus, I got them then, and they tasted good as I depleted said supply in my last week in Evanston. In some sense, it’s yet another example of bookending… but this time with my pursuit of academic degrees!

Fast forward to last Monday, when Mom and Dad helped me move in to my new Menomonie apartment. After getting the furniture, Mom and I went on a shopping trip, and because pluots were available and on sale, shades of ten years ago returned once again! And this time, it is TRULY indicating a new beginning, just like ten years ago!

So, now I will give the second implication of the dinosaur eggs. Excluding this post, my two most recent posts were done in a hurry and/or via the mobile application, which is not the most reliable. Therefore, both of them required edits.

Because one and five days are respectively a lifetime and an aeon in Internet vernacular, the edits to two recent posts are essentially hatching from dinosaur eggs!

The post “Nineteen” had a buggy audio file, because evidently SoundCloud does not like my voice from its direct transcription. So I re-recorded it today and posted an edit. (If you don’t want to read the original post, you can just find the audio here.)

And the post “Before and After” only has the “After” because once again… the thing screwed up. So I added an edit, and it now has both photos. Here is the “Before” photo, in case you don’t want to click on the original post… but it IS blown up in the original.



Math 121: 16 days.

Rosh Hashanah: 21 days.

Memorial Stadium: 60 days.

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