Signs in the distance and lookalikes (#WW)

This is not exactly a wordless post, but the focus is on the pictures. I noticed the following sign in the distance when I was driving to (and from) Chicago this last weekend. (Yes, I know it is very dangerous for me to take a picture while driving.)

red and white sign

The sign in the middle of the frame is a CENEX gas station.

Similarly, several years ago, I found a combination of signs in the nighttime which got my attention. These signs were near the Mound City, Missouri exit on Interstate 29.

Mound City, Missouri at night

Two yellow signs that connect at a corner in the dark. (The signs, from top to bottom, are McDonald’s and Super 8.) No filter was used, but this was on a camera of a flip phone from May 2008. Ha!

Well, the first sign is a CENEX gas station, and it reminds me of the time that I saw a CENEX gas station on Highway 2, and the sign just fully reminded me of the “Nebraska Huskers” logo, such as this:

The old Nebraska Huskers logo (courtesy

And the Mound City photo reminds me of my high school’s shield logo:


The completion heuristic and optical illusions can be really interesting! Do certain images get burnt into your mind and create illusions like this?


Math 121: 14 days.

Rosh Hashanah: 19 days.

Memorial Stadium: 58 days.

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