What am I?

In the blogosphere… or at least in the Bloglovin’ part of the world, sometimes I think that I am quite an outsider. I fit some of the common demographics of bloggers, and am outside some of the other demographics. This post is a quick reflection on that. (I’d like to keep my posts briefer than before, unless I have a pre-meditated post.)

How I feel I fit in to Bloglovin’ blogs:

  • I am in the twenty-thirty-something age group.
  • My blog is varied as to its content, to try and please everyone.
  • I keep my blog regularly updated with new material.

How I feel I don’t fit in to Bloglovin’ blogs:

  • I have a Y chromosome (i.e., I am male).
  • Fashion has almost never entered my posts.
  • Many of my posts are purely text.

Furthermore, I am not really sure how to classify my blog in terms of “standard” categories. I can certainly say that “Never A Worry” is not a fashion blog, nor is it ever a political blog. But many of the other categories suggested by an article on Blog Ambitions have appeared at one time or another on my blog, including humor, sports, food, lifestyle, education, and other categories listed there.

Yet, with other blogs that are considered “lifestyle” blogs, they tend to be much more involved with photography than my blog is. My lifestyle is one of chronicling and teaching, moreso than filtered photos!

Honestly, I feel that the “journal” blog written by males is an underrepresented group around these parts, unless I simply have not explored the blogosphere enough. I’m not sure I will have enough time to do that, given that I am about to start my job in earnest!

Nevertheless, I still plan on posting thrice a week, and doing O.C.T.O.B.E.R. in full. I can simply reduce the length of an average post, and try to incorporate more multimedia. We will see!


Math 121: 12 days.

Rosh Hashanah: 17 days.

Memorial Stadium: 56 days.

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