Taking it literally… a short vignette

This is a quick story from yesterday that I can’t believe only came up then. I think it is still fun to read it.

Noah is wearing his new Northwestern jersey that he received on Superfan Day. (Note to self: insert the link when I have access to a computer. This was posted with Mobile Style.) He also has his trademark Northwestern hard hat on his head. He is surrounded by other jubilant purple clad Wildcat fans that witnessed NU topple LSJU (Leland Stanford Junior University) in football.

A recording of Lee Crooks’ voice booms over the loudspeaker: “This is Howard, as far as this train goes. Transfer to Red and Yellow Line trains at Howard. All passengers must leave the train. Thank you for riding the CTA Purple Line.”

Noah opens his sportsack to reveal a hard hat with the red Nebraska N on it, as well as a red T shirt that reads Chicago Big Red. He takes off the purple hard hat and puts it in the sack. He pulls the red shirt over the purple jersey. He dons the red hard hat.

The doors open and he obeys the voice over.

The Red Line train approaches on the inside track. He, other purple clad NU fans, and cardinal clad Stanford fans, board the Red Line.

Doors closing.

(Insert back matter here when I have access to a computer.)


Math 121: 3 days.

Rosh Hashanah: 8 days.

Memorial Stadium: 48 days.

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