End of the innocence

Two years, one month, and seven days, ago, I put this post on my Facebook page:

This is the end, this is the end of the -i-n-n-o-c-e-n-c-e-* vacation.**

* Does Facebook support strikethrough font?

** Apologies to Don Henley.

Posted by Noah Weiss on Monday, August 12, 2013

This was just after I got back from my week-and-a-half long vacation to Lincoln and Cleveland for Tifereth Israel’s 100th anniversary, a Lincoln-to-Omaha bike ride, and my cousin Aaron’s wedding.

That summer, I had also taken a vacation to Indianapolis for the Pokemon TCG national championship.

As I had returned to Evanston after a week and a half off, I felt a little bummed out. The emotions made me think of this song with its minor key and the “end” contained within the song. The sadness wasn’t as deep as on the day that I returned from Israel, or a few other days in which I returned from vacation.

Well, two weeks ago when I drove back to Menomonie from Evanston for the last guaranteed time, this song came on my radio as I turned off of the Interstate. It again was a time of big transition, and a little bit of that feeling of loneliness, after not being sure when I would next see my friends from Chicago.

Fast forward to today. It’s a Friday evening, so I should be off at services, right? Well, look at this picture (and the fact that the post was published in the evening…)


As a result of the High Holidays period, I think my work-life balance has been off-kilter as I try to get far enough ahead, but keeping afloat with what I need to do already is sinking me a little bit.

Yep, and I’m already past the time of candlelighting. Though I am not shomer, I might as well use this as an excuse to get off the computer, get home, finish cooking, and do some davening. The weather won’t let me pray outside tonight…

But indeed, my first job is the End of the Innocence that I held even throughout grad school! Will this song indeed instill guilt into me for that reason as I finish working on a Friday evening?

Well, one thing’s for sure. No more academic work until Sunday morning!


Yom Kippur: 5 days.

Memorial Stadium: 36 days.

Joint Mathematical Meetings: 110 days.

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