Please accept my apologies

Wow, my blog has gotten off schedule the last week and basically ever since I have moved to Menomonie. Well, it’s not like it had a particular schedule anyway, so I don’t have to apologize about that.

This post was intended to be posted before Tuesday, in conjunction with יום כיפור (Yom Kippur). But, better late than never. (I’m surprised this is the first time that I have posted a blog post about apologies around the time of the High Holidays in my four years of blogging.)

I’d like to offer some apologies, both to myself and to others, for wrongs that I have committed in the last year…

  • I apologize to my friends for sometimes taking over conversations or derailing them with random observations.
  • I apologize to myself for sticking my head in the sand this time last year with the job search.
  • I apologize to Mom and Dad for not heeding more advice about how to proceed.
  • I apologize to my siblings for not keeping them in the loop and being out of touch, versus how often I call Mom and Dad.
  • I apologize to my friends from Chicago for losing touch. I want to keep my connections!
  • I apologize to the Evanston Bike Club for being a member these last few summers, but not partaking in the rides.
  • I apologize to my students at Stout for my discombobulated lectures during the so-called review classes, and the overbearing preliminary assignments.
  • I apologize to myself for allowing myself to be thrown off by schedule changes.
  • I apologize to my readers for my unexplained absence.
  • And similarly, I apologize to blogs that I follow for falling off the map in commenting and engaging with their words. It’s been a more hectic transition than I anticipated!

This is more of a laundry list, but if any of my readers or friends feel that they have been wronged in a stronger way, please let me know.


MATH-121 Exam 1: 4 days.

Memorial Stadium: 30 days.

Joint Mathematical Meetings: 104 days.

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