[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. IV-2] Unburden yourself!

Ah, things feel lighter. It is amazing how having a checklist, either mental or physical, gets you in the right mindset to get tasks completed, and how each completed task eases your mind. I’ve felt that recently!


Last week, I was catching up on blog posts that I hadn’t read in a while, and Taylor Yates’s “7 Ways To Start Your Week Off Right” post inspired me to reflect on it.

In particular, I found that I had quite a few unfulfilled checkboxes early into this week.

  • Grading exams for Calculus I.
  • Preparing course material and online homework for each day of this week.
  • Writing a grant to apply for funding assistance to JMM 2016.
  • Book-keeping and paying bills.
  • Paring down read e-mails in my e-mail box

Wednesday, despite being locked out of the office and unable to do work for an hour in the evening, the pressure of completing the grant seemed to spark me.

Yesterday morning, I took down the writing and submitted it, which unburdened me one level.

Finishing the prep work for my classes yesterday morning knocked off another rung of burden.

Typesetting the solutions for the precalculus homework lightened me further.

I also felt lighter as I deleted old e-mails from my inbox. I even managed to refund a late penalty on a student’s homework from a note that was buried!

How does this relate to Tay’s post? When you are pressured within the middle of the week, it is often helpful to pick the low-hanging fruit. It seems that the more burdens you have, the further stressed you are, even if some of those burdens are easily shed. For that reason, knock off the easiest stuff first if the problem is more about number of things to do!


Today is the second day of the fourth round of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.

Memorial Stadium: 21 days.

Thanksgiving Day: 55 days.

Joint Mathematics Meetings: 96 days.

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