[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. IV-11] JCHE

JCHE? Sounds like an abbreviation of some sort. It could be, and here are a few that I thought of…

Junior Colleges Help Educate?

Jews Celebrate Holidays Endlessly?

Junk Credit Housing Equality?

Jarvis Causes Hellish Evenings?

Jobs Create Heavy Earnings?

Juice Can Heal Everything?

Jab, Cut, Hook, Evade?

Well, although all of these are possible, it is none of them! Read on to learn what it means.

The letters JCHE actually don’t mean anything! However, those letters, in that order, was still salient to me today.

The weather was a balmy 75 degrees on this October day, and the sun was abundantly shining. My mood was also on a high, because I took out a good chunk of the homework grading for MATH-121 early in the morning.

I was already planning to go to Eau Claire for the Pokemon League today, but because of my progress, I chose to bike it!

It was a pretty ride, with the corn fields, trees with leaves changing colors, rolling hills (even though some of them were difficult), and time to think and enjoy.

My original route was to take a sequence of roads that would wind south and east before hitting County Road E, in Dunn and Eau Claire Counties.

But, I missed the first turn, and continued down County Road J. After a while, I was concerned that I was going the wrong way, because I had lost my bearings after missing my turn. It seemed like I was going north, where I wanted to go east.

My fear was unfounded–I was going southeast, but on a different route than I anticipated.

Route J spit me out onto Route C. That was a relatively short stint until I found Route H, and up a small hill, got to Route E, heading east.

Despite a few stops to check my phone as to where I was, and a few red lights, I got to the League in downtown Eau Claire in just 108 minutes, door-to-door, for 26.3 miles. That’s a nice marathon time!

The return trip was not so nice, as the wind was a crosswind and/or against me, and the hills seemed to really trouble me.

Can’t have it both ways, but in this case, I would rather be beat up on my way home since I have the shower and the place to myself.

Since I used my GoPro on this ride, I might as well share some footage, including the signs that hopefully get caught on camera.

(yay, rumble strips!)


Today is the eleventh day of the fourth round of O.C.T.O.B.E.R. That makes one week and two days.

Memorial Stadium: 13 days.

Thanksgiving Day: 46 days.

Joint Mathematics Meetings: 87 days.

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