[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. IV-29] Run the diamonds! #TBT

Last night, I went to Log Jam for Karaoke night. After singing “Fight Fire With Fire,” I hung out for a little while, chatting with some UW-Stout alumni. One of them was from Lake Geneva, which of course made me mention both this last Labor Day weekend as well as the bridge regionals that happen there yearly.

As a result, here’s a #TBT from a few years ago at the Ace of Clubs in Skokie. (Strangely enough, the specifics of this are not captured in any of my journals. I probably have my scorecard from the day somewhere in my archives back in Lincoln, however.)

Enjoy the garbled and the non-garbled versions of this recording, given below respectively:

I sit East, and pick up a hand with the following cards (spots approximate). Neither side is vulnerable.

Spades: 9 5 4

Hearts: 5 2

Diamonds: A K Q J 7 5 3

Clubs: 8 7

My right-hand opponent (North) pulls the 1NT card from his bidding box. South announces, “Fifteen to seventeen.”

In tempo, I put the red Double card in front of me.

Without much thought,  South raises to 3NT.

Ray (West) passes, as does North.

Since I am on lead, I double again.

Neither South nor North run to another suit.

I lead the ace of diamonds, and see that dummy has two small diamonds. I think, “These are doubtlessly running!”

I play the king of diamonds and everyone follows.

I play the queen of diamonds and the last diamond goes down, as both dummy and partner discard.

Internally, I am evilly laughing.

As I play, in turn, the jack, 7, 5, and 3, I have “Ride of the Valkyries” playing through my head,  inserting lyrics:

“Run the diamonds, run the diamonds, run the diamonds, run the diamonds…”

I couldn’t prevent declarer from taking the rest of the tricks, but still, down three doubled for +500 gave us an obvious top board. (Other tables must have realized that the diamond suit was wide open.)


Today is the twenty-ninth day of the fourth round of O.C.T.O.B.E.R. That makes four weeks and one day.

Thanksgiving Day: 28 days.

Joint Mathematics Meetings: 69 days.

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