A number of names

Hmm… the name of this post is sort of interesting, because as it turns out, the title is somewhat given in one of the names in this list.

I have three separate lists, and two sub-lists on each list. 

    1. Part One
      1. Aisha (עיישה)
      2. Cecilia
      3. Dina (דינה)
      4. Gloria
      5. Jenny
      6. Laila (לילה)/ Layla
      7. Lisa
      8. Mary
      9. Rosanna
      10. Rosie
      11. Sara
      12. Shari
      13. Sharona (שרונה)
      14. Sheila
      15. Valerie
      16. Venus
    2. Part Two
      1. Arthur
      2. Axel
      3. Danny
      4. Harvey
      5. Louie
      6. Ronald
      7. Tom
      8. Willie
      9. Willy
    1. Part One
      1. Judy
      2. Minnie
      3. Sarah
      4. Tiffany
    2. Part Two
      1. Al
      2. Barrett
      3. Jack
      4. John
      5. Mack
      6. Smokey
    1. Part One
      1. Angel
      2. Claudine
      3. Fionnuala
      4. Lakshmi
      5. Lily
      6. Mildred
      7. Monica
      8. Revathi
      9. Tamar (תמר)
      10. Virginia
    2. Part Two
      1. Bryce
      2. Igor
      3. Levi (לב)
      4. Rusty
      5. William
      6. Yadid (ידיד)

It is probably obvious by looking at the three lists that the Part Ones are lists of generally-female names, and the Part Twos are lists of generally male names.

You might think… HMM… is this a list of Noah’s best friends over time? Could be, but that’s not the idea of the post.

Instead, what topic do I often post about?

Yes, music!

Notice some of the names in List Number One, like Cecilia, Gloria, or Rosanna. Each of these are names of songs that are in my music collection. A few of the ones in the first list are not exact song titles, but may have at most a last name (e.g. Dina Barzilay) or adjective (e.g. Cracklin’ Rosie or Little Willy) or parentheses (e.g. Jenny (867-5309)) in the title. There is a significantly larger number of names for the women’s side here.

(And I should say that the title of this post, “A Number of Names,” is the artist that penned the song Shari Vari.)

The second list is related to the first list, but this time, any time that the person’s name appears in the song (and it is on my list of songs), I counted it. There were a few more men’s names that fit into this category (e.g. You Can Call Me Al or Hit the Road Jack). Of course, I’m not sure if Smokey really counts…

The third list is different. Some of the names here are not used as names in the song or the lyrics, but rather as words (e.g. צדיק כתמר (Tzadik Ka’Tamar: The Righteous Like the Palm Tree), or Rusty Bucket Bay). Granted, I am somewhat cheating by adding some Hebrew words in there (Levi, Yadid), but hey, I can make the point anyway!

Is there something about my musical taste for which many of the songs with names include women’s names? Or is it just more common to have female names as full or partial song titles? It’s certainly something interesting to think about…


Thanksgiving Day: 20 days.

Joint Mathematics Meetings: 61 days.

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