And the days line up!

I have been chronicling my life in journals for almost ten years at this point. Every so often, I will look in my transcribed journals from previous years, for reminiscing or finding “Throwback Thursday” material or other things to look back on for my blog.

Since I am a person who loves numbers and patterns, it is notable at this point that the days this year align with the calendar in 2009 (i.e., in 2009, November 13 was also a Friday). It also aligns with the calendar from 1998 (I remember this because Nebraska football lost to Texas on Halloween, which was on a Saturday that year just like how it was a Saturday this year).

Last week, I was  curiously looking at my journal from 2009, and saw that one of the best improv scenes that I had witnessed occurred last Thursday.

And yesterday corresponded to the day of the Improv Grenade, and my incessant laughter after the pizzeria scene was blown to smithereens.

What did today bring exactly six years ago? Chex-mix baking, complex analysis, conservation laws, and my first regular-season Northwestern men’s basketball game (a 77-55 victory over Northern Illinois). It didn’t include services, because at this point in my life (pre-2011), I tended to prioritize sporting events over services when there were Friday-night games. How things would change!

Although some of my Throwback posts have been on the days of the memory, rarely have they actually aligned with the day of the week as well. In fact, this might be the first time that I have posted a memory related to the day with the same day of the week. This should not be completely unheard of–the day of the week only repeats once every five-to-six years!


Thanksgiving Day: 13 days.

Finals Week: 34 days.

Joint Mathematics Meetings: 54 days.

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