Changed again!

Yesterday, I went to write a new blog post. But I found that the interface for publishing has changed again! I guess this is a Part Two of Beep Beep Boop, in that case!

It resembles the old editor that WordPress used during my first two-and-a-half years, prior to the “simplified” Beep-Beep-Boop interface. The checklist of Categories and Tags are on the left-hand side instead of the right-hand side, but it makes more sense than it did as of last week.

I still would like to have a headliner that allows me to change the slug without scrolling down, but I feel that this interface right now is a good compromise between the awful Beep-Beep-Boop and my preferred “first version.”

For pictorial reference, here are the old and the new versions. (Does the fact that this post is in both windows shown make this a meta-post? 🙂 )



Sometimes, revamping for the sake of revamping is problematic, but of course, we have to learn to adjust with the times every once in a while…


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