Gyms, principals, and lunches (II)

In a post from last week, I had described a few times that involved run-ins with the principal, based on things that happened in gym class. I mentioned nothing about lunches in that post, however. Thus, the readership must be clamoring for Part II. Here we go!

At Cooper Elementary School in Fort Dodge, the multi-purpose room was a large room down a few stairs on the northeast corner of the school. It served as an assembly room (though I don’t remember any school assemblies that occurred there, other than book signings and book fairs outside of school hours), a cafeteria, and the gymnasium.

Lunch never involved any run-ins with the principal or authority when I was in elementary school or middle school, but I will mention the voice-activated traffic light that was in the lunch room at Cooper. It seemed that my table was always released to recess last, even though I was never the problem. Clearly I hang out around talkative people… or it may have been intentional to “force” me to hang around extroverts.

At Humann and Pound, the lunch room was a multi-purpose room not used as a gym, but other events, such as band concerts (Humann) and school dances (Pound) took place in these lunch rooms. I sat with both students and teachers at lunch, and it was often enjoyable. It gave me the best of both worlds, even if I wasn’t that collegial to my peers at the time.

Fast forward to Southeast High School. During the first week of classes, I noticed that there was never anywhere to sit down in the North Gym, which doubled as the lunch room. Students were strewn out in the gym, and the hallways that led to the office. Evidently I had too much pride to eat on the floor or something.

Well, after the first week, I had already made good connections with the people in the office–maybe even prior to that year since I went to Southeast for one class period in the year before I was a full-time high school student. Therefore, I got to eat in the office, in front of the secretaries’ desks. It really showed that at that point in my life, that I got along better with my superiors than my peers!

That setup worked well during my sophomore and junior years. In some sense, I wish I would have had some social courage to eat lunch with some of my peers that I have regained contact with in the last few years. But, there’s no reason to change the past–it is part of me!


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Well, in my senior year, I got promoted (demoted?) to eating lunch in the principal’s office! I was obviously never in trouble, but Dr. H-P invited me to eat in his office during lunch, and I accepted that. It was obviously more isolated than the main office, and I don’t recall why it happened that way.

For some reason, when I am at school or work, I tend to be more isolationist at the lunch hour. It does not always work this way, and if I am invited to lunch with peers or colleagues, by all means I will accept it.

Nevertheless, it is funny how I can twist my story and say that I was sent to the principal’s office on a daily basis in my senior year!


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Finals Week: 21 days.

Joint Mathematics Meetings: 41 days.

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