Light up the night

At the end of my first O.C.T.O.B.E.R. run on this blog, I had written a post about holiday lights, mentioning the ones that I had seen on Noyes Street a couple of days before Halloween. Of course, a holiday lights post makes more sense now, since lights are even more ubiquitous around Christmas-time.

As I had mentioned in that post, I recalled times in Fort Dodge of going north to Humboldt to look at lights, and then to enjoy hot chocolate at Village Inn. I also mentioned the houses that are always full of some sort of celebratory light, such as on Noyes Street or on 4oth and Van Dorn, in Evanston and Lincoln respectively.

Though I have no lights strung up in my apartment or on my apartment building, I finally have lit a חנוכיה  (hanukkiah–candle-holder for חנוכה  [Hanukkah]) in my place of residence. Here’s a picture from last night, for the third night of חנוכה.


For the previous ten years, I had lived in University-sponsored housing, and in both Neihardt and Engelhart, lighting candles or incense was forbidden. I wasn’t going to plead a religious exemption for three reasons: (a) in Lincoln I could go to my parents’ house to light the candles, (b) in Lincoln I was nearly a token Jew on campus, and (c) at Northwestern, they had candle-lighting at Hillel and/or Norris each night.

In my current pad, the use of candles is “discouraged,” but this is the only time of year that I would light candles. So maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned this in case my landlord reads this blog…


But, I would like to touch on holiday lights. An exciting thing about living in a new place around this time of year is the ability to see different decorations and holiday light displays.  There were some pretty displays lining Main Street as I headed to the Fanetti Community Center last night (where Stout gave up the game-winning goal to Milwaukee School of Engineering with 0.7 seconds left in the game–ARGH!).

This makes me want, weather permitting next week, to take some bike rides around other Menomonie neighborhoods, equipped with my GoPro to record it. I’ll put at least one of those videos on my blog afterward… if it turns out well enough. The darkness might not turn out so well–we shall see!

And of course, I’ll have hot chocolate when I return from these bike rides. 🙂


Finals Week: 7 days.

Lincoln: 14 days.

Joint Mathematics Meetings: 27 days.

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