In fact it’s a gas!

I could be taking this several different ways, but(t) not to worry, it has nothing to do with my “distinctive” incidents after eating chili or other types of foods.

Instead, I’m going to try PHYSICS (or maybe CHEMISTRY).


But, I’ll flip the script, and claim something different about this proportionality equation.

What it normally states, for “Ideal Gases,” is that the pressure of a gas is inversely related to the volume (i.e. when pressure goes up, volume goes down), and is directly related to the number of moles and temperature of a gas (i.e., a hotter gas has more pressure). (The R is a known constant.)


During this semester, I’ve noticed that my productivity has been way down on days where I have had no teaching or only one class. Though I could be getting ahead on grading, prep work, or job applications, I noticed, especially on days at home, that I would generally not be productive and would waste time surfing the Web or other frivolities.

Granted, everyone needs downtime at some point.

A few examples: On Sunday and Monday of this week, I had to do the following:

  • Prepare and print review packets for all three of my classes for Monday.
  • Grade the MATH-121 exams (there were about 30 to grade).
  • Grade the MATH-153 homework assignments (about 50).
  • Send out several job applications that were due at midnight on Tuesday.
  • Write the draft of my final exam for MATH-153.

I managed to be quite productive with all of these tasks on Sunday through Tuesday, as I was under pressure and, even though the tasks were long, the docket was short.

Yet, yesterday, my only major tasks were the following:

  • A 20-ish minute grading of a general education assessment
  • Finalizing my final MATH-153 exam
  • Writing a few job applications.

I was not nearly as efficient or effective.

And, last night, when I had a mountain of ironing to do, I didn’t get it all done, because I was entranced by watching Back to the Future Part II.

I’ll figure out a way eventually!

I’ve got finals to grade that will come in tonight, tomorrow, and Monday. Goal: Knock off their grading over the weekend, so that I have only one class to  grade after Monday’s noon final. I’d like to spend some time with friends on Tuesday before I return to Lincoln!


Finals Week: Next right!

Lincoln: 6 days.

Joint Mathematics Meetings: 19 days.

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