A touch of grey

Last week, I had given a “Skywatch” Wordless Wednesday, and then went on a blogging hiatus for the weekend. Today, it’s another post about the sky, but is bereft of photos. Let the words paint the picture…

…and the obvious song reference play as well.

During this time of year, it has been grey both in upper Wisconsin/Minnesota, as well as in Lincoln outside of the first day I was there.

But, a difference happened which made the grey much less gloomy.

During the early winter, the skies may be grey, and you see the trees going into dormancy. The leaves gain brilliant colors before sadly falling to the ground, waiting to decompose. The branches sadly go to sleep, as the trees wait for a few months to bud.

This laziness is also seen when the skies are grey. Green grass goes brown, or maybe stays green if there was a lot of rain earlier in the season. The pavement seems darker than in the summer, when the sun beats down and the happiness of the season is visible.

But in November and December, the grey of the sky against the green of the grass leads to a draining clash of ideals. Death vs. life, lethargy vs. vitality, dull vs. bright.

Consider when the snow falls. A fresh blanket is a vivid sight. Even against the grey skies, the albedo of the snow produces a surprising energy. It brightens the day, and brightens the night too.

I could try to wax poetic more than I have here, but it is fascinating: here’s another look at it.

During the summer, you expect sunny skies and warm temperatures. When you get cloudy skies, it feels colder than it is, and is also a mood-downer.

During the winter, you expect snow. When you get cloudy skies WITHOUT snow, it’s a mood-downer. (Unless you are frightened of driving in wintry conditions, but even then…)


Joint Mathematics Meetings: 8 days.

Second Semester: 22 days.

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