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The world is quite advanced in terms of technology. But, I profess that there are times where it is worth it to not go too advanced. There is something that is still good about using your hands to write, rather than just typing, texting, or voice-commanding words onto a screen.

This blog post was inspired by Sue Vincent’s “Technophobia” blog post from a few days ago.

In her post, Sue talked about having Post-it notes attached to her phone, and someone else was confused by the fact that she could just use the note-taking software on the phone. She then went through a humorous, but not unrealistic, list of what you would have to do in order to get six items onto note-taking software.

Well, there was a time when I was forced to use note-taking software if I wanted to take notes. During the Character Building Trials, I had to grade without writing, instead typing in all the comments to a text file and printing them out. This was incredibly awkward, and added a lot of time to my work. Even though I was able to muddle through everything, I didn’t like this disability.

The other thing that came was on Sunday nights during the cast chronicle… I still played bridge, but had to use a card-holder, and couldn’t write down my scores. Because I still wanted to chronicle my bridge-playing for those four weeks, I found an app on my phone that was a notepad. But it was very annoying to use. The annoyance of waking up the phone, changing from letters to numbers, and turning off the screen again. Ugh.

Clearly, once I had use of my writing hand again, the annoyance of using the app was not repeated again, and I have not used the Notepad app since. I much prefer writing things down, just like Sue. It’s faster, and although I do have the propensity to lose items, I am less likely to lose a sticky note than to accidentally delete an electronic note.

Also, today I had tea with Ann Ellenberger, and one of our conversation topics was the changes in middle-school education since I was in her class in 1999-2000. Both of us still see the benefits of writing (as opposed to typing). Even if the end result is the same (i.e., production of readable words), different brain processes are used when hand-writing. This is why I still write in a journal and a planner.


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