Counting funky targets

These three words (Counting funky targets) seem completely unrelated. In some sense, I guess they are unrelated, but I want to consider my last three winter breaks from Lincoln, which is the tie that binds all three.

In the winter of 2013, I got back to Lincoln for winter break on December 17. That meant that there was a week and a day of grinning and bearing Christmas music on B107.3.

Of course, instead of doing that, my family listened to 106.3 KFRX. One of the popular new songs that I had not heard much (if at all) until then was Counting Stars by OneRepublic. I liked the sound of it, and was also listening to my own music most of the time, so that I didn’t suffer the oversaturation of the song on my tympanic membranes. However, because I heard the song almost every day during that break, it became the anthem for Winter 2013.

Last year, it was the 18th when I arrived in town. On an early night of my trip, we watched a taped finale of The Voice, and one of the songs was Uptown Funk. Naturally, that was the hottest new song of that time, and so I started hearing it a lot more on both adult contemporary AND top-40 stations. Hence, an anthem for Winter 2014.

Both of these anthems were popular songs that I didn’t despise. It could be, as I said before, the avoidance of radio compared to as much as I used to listen to it. Then again, I haven’t had reliable terrestrial radio access for a while while in Chicago or Menomonie.

This winter break, I didn’t get back to Lincoln until the 23rd. The motif this time, however, was not a song. Instead, it came from the Foster Farms Bowl. During the second quarter of the game, Nate Gerry from Nebraska made an excellent open-field tackle of a receiver, but was penalized for targeting. The call was upheld despite it looking like a perfectly legal hit, and Twitter then blew up with people calling out the replay official.

This, together with the Steve Harvey gaffe, made “TARGETING” and Steve Harvey both themes of the break. In particular, we called several mistakes targeting, and had some fun with it. Mom also posted, “I may never shop at “Target” again!”

Of course, I did go to Target in 2016 to replenish my journal supply.

Who knows what December 2016 will bring in terms of salient music or a banner term? We shall see in 11 months!


Joint Mathematics Meetings: Next right!

Second Semester: 15 days.

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NOTE: I will likely not have another blog post until Sunday or next week–I expect to be very busy at the Joint Mathematics Meetings! Feel free to call that targeting and eject me from the blogosphere if you so choose!


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