An unwanted trophy

In October 2014, my computer’s motherboard was fried, and I was not very diligent at that time about backing up my data. However, I only lost about a week and a half of work, because earlier I had noticed that the computer was getting hot and that there was a temperature warning.

Therefore, I got a new computer (the one that I am typing this from), and recovered all but a week and a half of data–that data which had been on my external brick.

Since then, I have been much more diligent about data backup. It paid off big-time last Tuesday. Why?

I was doing some journal transfer at the gate while waiting for my flight to Seattle. I put the computer into sleep mode, and boarded the plane. Shortly after we were in the air, I woke up the computer, and it froze on the sign-in screen. I did a “hard restart” by holding the power key until the computer shut down. Then, I tried to start it again.

It started with the TOSHIBA screen, and was taking a long time to change. The screen went black, and a typing cursor appeared. Then, the error message “No bootable device – Please restart system.” Not good news–probably the hard drive was jarred loose and I won’t be able to do anything about it until I get to Seattle.

Good news: the source code for my presentation was on a separate jump drive that I brought with me.

Good news #2: I was able to write a draft of my schedule at the Meetings.

Once I got to Seattle and the hotel, I found a computer repair place, and had them take a look at the computer. Fast forward to the next day.

I earned a trophy for this exploit… the Cat Ass Trophy.

Yep, my hard drive catastrophically failed, and they had to replace it.

Although they fixed it, they Karlized it. The operating system is not activated, and Internet access doesn’t work from my apartment unless I am in the living room and connected to the router. Internet doesn’t work for the computer either directly from the modem or wirelessly from the router… but when plugged into the router, it works.

The annoyance continues…


Second Semester: 8 days.

NU at UM: 9 days.

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