Fishtails galore!

Nope, I haven’t been on the lake for sport in forever. Last time I used a rod was back in the summer after my sixth grade year.

Instead, fishtails refer to the action of skidding. And I had plenty of those yesterday!

Yes, perhaps Noah is going crazy, as seen in the following video…

The weird thing: despite the fact that the temperature was a manageable sixteen degrees Fahrenheit outside, the time in the arena combined with the bike ride home made my hands numb with cold during the (relatively) short bike ride. The fish-tailing and uncomfortable riding didn’t go hand-in-hand.

I suppose that bike-riding really DOES create that much extra draft and vulnerability, even on unexposed hands! ‘Scuse my (insert language here that won’t offend the reader), but DAMN THE EXTREMITIES!


“Engage!”: Next right!

LVC: 5 days.

NU at Madison: 15 days.

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