You can sing anything to this (part 1 of 3)

Last week, various things involving music came to me, and made me think of several different things. And it was on Friday night, which reminded me of the Ultimate 80’s Request Party. So, that is where this sequence of posts will start.

I have already written several posts either inspired by, or about, the Ultimate 80’s Request Party on KSRZ 104.5, reflecting back on the years between 2003 and 2007 as the big weekend starter for me.

One of the songs which was popularly requested was Superfreak by Rick James. However, there were some times when the song wouldn’t end with the saxophone solo, but would then segue into another song. But the “another song” had the same background music.

That “another song” was actually an 80’s medley, and it was not written in the 80s, but instead done for a comedy show!

Indeed, there seems to be the case that with some songs, you can rework the lyrics and/or pair another song’s lyrics.

Of course, another thing that you can do is to translate the lyrics into another language, while keeping the song’s melody, as I showed in a post from last year. That’s not quite the same idea, yet at the same time, is exactly what I am going for.

I think that part of the reason that some melodies can be sung to almost any song: there are a limited number of chords and musical combinations, so that eventually, there have to be repeats of licks in completely different songs.

This makes it fun, actually, to do song medleys and mashups. One of my favorite things about a-cappella groups is that they will often mash up songs seamlessly. Particularly when the mashup has the original song sung by one part, and the mashed-up part played by another part. (Example: “Save Tonight/Yehey” as ShireiNU did below):

The mention of ShireiNU is a good segue into the next post. It will be an audio post, with written transcription. You’ll get to enjoy my voice, even if I don’t enjoy my own voice!


LVC: Next right!

NU at Madison: 11 days.

Ides of March: 35 days.

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