Discovery Weekend (#TBT: 1 October 2004)

From last week, I had mentioned something about an a-cappella show at Washington University in St. Louis which was my first experience with that musical style. So, I figure that I might as well share a journal entry from a long time ago!

Friday, October 1, [2004]

I woke up at 6:30, took a (high-pressured) shower, and everything else. Then, I went downstairs to the commons and studied awhile. For breakfast, I had blueberry muffins and fruit. Of course, it tasted really good!  Then, I proceeded to the chapel. I met Nanette Tarbouni [from the Admissions Office], and learned at the start that the chapel is NOT religiously used. Of course, that was immaterial compared to the essay-writing session. I gained very helpful insights, reflected in my notes and mind. It’s time to re-work some of these essays!

The next part was “Financial Assistance 101”. He gave some helpful ideas, but I still knew most of it already. However, I paid attention (duh!) and again learned new information. Then, there was an info session which gave insights into the University, through facts and opinions. As a primary source, it was very helpful. After that, I completed and turned in (in person) the Common Application supplement. Of course, the admissions office was crazy-busy. Then, I went to Mallinckrodt [a student center].

I bought some Wash. U. apparel while I was there. I searched for lunch, and ended up at the Bear’s Den. I had chicken strips, fries, and a drink. Then, I returned to Park and just killed some time before heading to class (Psychology of Learning).

Unfortunately, it was an exam day for that class, and EVERY other class that I wanted to visit either: A) was taking an exam B) doesn’t meet on Fridays or C) conflicted with a required Discovery Weekend seminar. Needless to say, I was quite bummed. There was a calculus III class, but it[s schedule] didn’t parallel my class at all (they were working with polar co-ordinates which I already know about). I sat through anyway before leaving for the Applied Science reception. I met a few of the professors, getting useful information on electrical- and systems-engineering. They use math and physics, but does 1+1 equal 2 or 0 in this case? I also socialized some more with other people.

I left and went to the Admissions office to obtain Nanette’s card. Then, I returned to Park. I phoned home, ran out of minutes on my first [phone] card, and mom said to call her tomorrow morning (on a Saturday??). I then took some notes for CI-D [Citizenship Issues-Differentiated] and then finished my (very rough) draft of the poetry essay. I then checked my e-mail…nothing but SPAM (go figure!) and the weather forecast. Then, I proceeded to The Village; I was told their food is pretty good. It began raining on-and-off as I walked.

Unfortunately, the Café was closed; I settled for a hamburger. That’s a big catch about the food; not much variety here. [ED: Of course, this was a few years before I stopped being so picky about food.] While I returned to Simon Hall, I got poured on. I said, “I know the Wash. U. community is friendly, but I didn’t know that they were clairvoyant!” (On the recommended packing list, an umbrella was listed). In May Auditorium at 8:00, A-Capella began.

Actually, first up was the improv comedy group. The performances were like “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, so I enjoyed it. One of their acts gathered quotes from the audience, and my quote “Integrate the function!” was chosen to be the last line of the act. They had a great show, and then the first of five A-Capella groups entered. It’s an art where one (or two) people sing in the foreground, and the rest of the group provides the background sounds with their voices. I knew a few of the songs they played, including (UGH) “This Love”. TOO MUCH MAROON!

After the concert, I walked to Ursa’s for the “Ursa’s Nite Life”, which was a Trivial Pursuit contest. It’s a good thing we were on teams; every round (except for the Science and Capitals rounds) was pop-culture-related. Only scoring 8/50, that’s a 16%, or an F. I was basically a warm body for my team… oh well! It’s a good thing there’s no class named “Pop Culture 101”; I’d really struggle in that class! I met more people, of course. Then, at 11, I returned to the dorm, did all the “night stuff”, and then subsequently hit the sack. zzzzzzz…



Lincoln: 19 days (plus or minus a few).

פסח: נ”ז ימים (Passover: 57 days).

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