Unlike what you might think for the name of this post, I won’t be talking about either black peppercorns (a-choo!) or capsicums.

Well, maybe I’m talking about the former, but not in the spice sense. In the word sense!

Certain words which I’ll call “mild curse words” (such as darn, bloody (U.K. version), freaking, etc.) tend to be used like pepper is, in order to spice up a word or give it some extra emphasis.

In the comment section of a blog that I follow, one of the comments used the word “absolutely” in a different way: it was worded…


Therefore, it made me think of some words in American English which are derived from a word that has a mild curse word stuck into the middle, and there are some times where this actually makes the word seem reasonable. For example,

“That game was fanfreakingtastic.”

I know there are plenty of other constructs that involve the word “freaking” peppered into the middle of the word, but I’m sort of blanking right now. Perhaps it’s not the way that I thought this post would go, but clearly it shows that I don’t often interject curse words (except maybe for purple cards and overly-constructed math puns) into my writing or speaking.

I’ll keep it that way.

Although this post is a fizzle, I’d like to publish it anyway–it still tells a lot based on my waffling and crash-and-burn on this topic. It’s probably refreshing to see something published that isn’t fully filtered. I’ll just claim the post to be a freewrite–ha!


Lincoln: 13 days.

פסח: נ”ב ימים (Passover: 52 days).

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