Minuses and pluses of travel

Another week, another no-posts-during-the-weekdays-week.

Nevertheless, since I have posted something today and the last Sunday, I’m not ineligible for calling it “postaweek!” And I might be able to get a few more posts in this week over my spring break.

Why? Some of what I’ll have is tide and time and time and tide is on my side! (Or something like that… sorry Brian Eno.)

Despite what the title of this post looks like, it’s not a listicle about the top or bottom number of things for travel. Instead, it’s about travel within the Central time zone!

It was in the spring of 2007 that the beginning of daylight-saving time in the USA shifted from the first Sunday in April to the second Sunday in March.

I was not “home” (at which point “home” meant in Lincoln, Nebraska) for this time shift. Instead, I was at Argonne National Laboratory in a Chicago suburb! Yes, because when I was an undergraduate, spring break meant science and academically-based trips, rather than sun, sand, sloshedness, and sex. Ha!

Fast forward (ha!) to November 5, 2011. I was in Lincoln for the first Big Ten Conference football matchup of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Northwestern Wildcats, where my grad school pulled a big upset win over my undergrad school. The next day was the first Sunday in November, and therefore the result was the clocks moving back an hour. Despite Lincoln being a “former” abode of mine, I considered it to be a vacation spot at this point, to give me another instance of travelling during the time shift!

[Interestingly, I never blogged about this weekend, despite it being a big one for me. Maybe this will lead to a Throwback Thursday post in the next few weeks.]

The next time was my cousin Ilana’s wedding, in 2013. We were up in Milwaukee, and the ceremony was on November 2, a Saturday night. Thus, the next morning began an hour later (though I was up in the middle of the night with a sour stomach, but I digress…) and it was another time of being out of my “normal” town during the time change.

And then today, I’m in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on a stop to see family-friends and take a circuit of Memory Lane. The clocks shifted one hour ahead while I slept, so there’s another case of not being “at home” when we sprung ahead!

I’ll probably post some of the photos and/or selfies from this trip on my blog later this week… we’ll see!

The common threads of each of these “not in my current-town” time shift stories are that they’re either somewhere that I used to live, somewhere that I was going to live later, and all of them were due to special events.


Lincoln: Next right!

Coon Rapids: 13 days.

Rochester: 20 days.

פסח: מ”ו ימים (Passover: 46 days).

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