Wasted trip? Nope!

About two years ago, I wrote a post about wasted trips, reflecting on the time that I went to Pokemon League and there was nobody there–leading to significant annoyance since I took a 90-minute train-and-bus-combo ride to get there.

In that post, I had mentioned that it wasn’t a wasted trip since I was able to have some productivity on it… working on some grading and whatnot.

On Wednesday, I rode my bike to the dentist’s office, before turning around to drop off my 2016 Roth IRA contribution.  The wind was mostly across, but slightly in my face on the way to the dentist’s office.

I arrived two minutes late for my appointment… or so I thought. When I checked in with the receptionist, it turned out that I was 10,082 minutes late.

Yep… when I called to make the appointment, there was a miscommunication, and they wrote down an appointment for LAST week. Therefore, I didn’t get to go, though they had an opening for Thursday.

As I walked outside, I muttered under my breath, “Well, that was a wasted trip.”

It wasn’t! I forgot about my philosophy that No Bike Trip Is A Wasted Trip. Even if your “primary” mission of an errand fails for whatever reason, a good secondary mission of said errand is to get exercise and enjoy the weather. Despite the wind, it was quite a pleasant day for riding.

Plus, it doesn’t pollute the atmosphere if you “waste” a trip on a bike.

A similar story happened back on May 16, 2012. I was playing in a playoff game for Ultimate, where our team rallied from 4-7 and the cap coming on to pull off an improbable 8-7 win. I was then going to bike with one of my friends back to his apartment in Lincoln Park (about a 10-mile bike ride from Northwestern), and play bridge with him and two other friends.

His chain broke as we were leaving, so he had to take his bike on the L, but I still wanted to ride, so I would just meet him at his place. When I got there, the other friends had cancelled due to (who knows). Although the primary purpose of my ride was therefore undermined, the secondary purpose (exercise) was obviously not undermined. And I shifted another purpose–I ate at a nearby restaurant and got to see one of my friends from Birthright!

The moral of both stories: If Plan A fails, there may be a reason and you can change your trip into something that won’t be a waste.


Coon Rapids: 8 days.

Rochester: 15 days.

פסח: מ”א ימים (Passover: 41 days).

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