Inside Out

On Sunday, my schedule turned inside out. My original plan was to leave Lincoln around 14:00 so that I could be back to Menomonie at a “reasonable” hour. But I also wanted Mom’s famous Sweet & Sour Chicken! The preparation took a long time, so it wasn’t ready until after 15:00. But, a movie was playing in the kitchen, in addition to conversations taking place.

That movie was Inside Out, the Disney/Pixar movie about the interplay between Riley’s emotions and Riley herself, during her adjustment to a new life in San Francisco.

I really enjoyed the movie, both with the interplay between the emotions, and with the idea of memories.

When I was younger, and even to today, memory is a big part of my life. Indeed, if I were to have my Islands of Memory like in the movie, my six islands (hey, I should get an extra one with an extra 17 years of age on Riley! 🙂 ) (not necessarily in this order) would be Family Island, Goofball Island (just as with Riley), Cyclist’s Island, Jewish Island, Aspie Island, and Math Island.

I think that the movie did a great job of describing why the basic emotions are all necessary to have a stable person and emotional base. The fact that Joy was the CEO of Riley’s brain prior to the wild adventure through Long Term Memory makes me wonder if different people have different Primary Basic Emotions?

For me, it has always been Joy, and Anger is certainly the most suppressed. But, in the last few years, I’ve recognized some of the other basic emotions more strongly: Sadness, Fear, and Disgust. Honestly, I think that my experience on Birthright (certainly a Core Memory!) opened me up to my full range of emotions!

The end of the movie, however, was quite salient to me on Sunday. The beginning of the movie showed Riley’s family’s move from MINNESOTA to San Francisco, and near the end of the movie, with Sadness and Joy about to disappear from Long Term Memory, Riley boards a bus bound for Minnesota. There’s a scene which shows the bus about to get onto Interstate 80, headed east.

Well, about 90 minutes after the movie ended and I enjoyed lunch, I boarded a car (behind the wheel!) and headed toward Interstate 80, headed east, and then going toward Minnesota. But, all of my emotions and faculties were intact. Before I drove away, Dad saw me off, but Mom couldn’t bear to see me drive away. It’s a strong take on the Mother-Son relationship that I have with her.

I would love to see this movie again, and see how differently I process it at another time.

I had asked people on the Facebook group “Adults With Asperger’s Syndrome” if any of them had seen the movie, and quite a few of them had great reviews of it. Expression and recognition of emotions can be a difficulty inherent in Asperger’s syndrome, and one person responded, “It made 28 years of mental chaos make sense in a 90 minute (approx) movie.”

Some other comments echoed this strong approval of the movie, including a set of GIFs of the five Basic Emotions (including one where Disgust roasts a marshmallow over the flaming head of Anger)–to which I really enjoyed.

Maybe I’ll have a post in the near future about my relationship with animated films, since I think that this post somewhat went off on a tangent, and the Train of Thought may have a hard time reaching Headquarters.


Coon Rapids: 2 days.

Rochester Sectional: 9 days.

פסח: כ”ט ימים (Passover: 29 days).

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