I’m not being sent packing yet, nor am I going on any major vacation in the near future. However, last weekend, when I packed a small suitcase, I noticed something interesting.

There is indeed a reason for folding clothes nicely when putting them into a suitcase or drawer. You actually CAN stuff more clothes in a bag when you have them nicely folded than when they are crumpled up. My experience with this: at the beginning of the weekend, the clothes that I put in fit very nicely, and I had no problem with zipping up the bag.

But then, when I was done, I had just stuffed the same clothes all crumpled up (I’m too lazy to fold them when returning). Ha!

Well, it was a lot harder to close the same bag. Indeed, though the “volume” used up is the same, awkward packing does use up extra air that could be used for more compact packing!

Yep, this is a pretty short post. I’m going to be pretty busy this week, but I wanted to get a second post in prior to Monday. Maybe there will be a less lame one in the near future.


פסח: י”ב ימים (Passover: 12 days).

Big Proctor Set: 22 days.

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