[M.A.P.L.E. V-4] A bet

My bet on this post: I will use words that are misused online, correctly. But, I’ll start by saying:

I will loose the bet!

This post will literally be disjointed, but at least two points are meant to be made here.

I hear that cacti and sand are a delicacy in some parts of the world. Therefore, I would like to eat desert after a fancy meal in Arizona.

It’s not unusual for me to try to tell a disjointed story, because my mind has its own way of working.

How can I further loose confusion? Well, over there, this group of philosophers had their picnic, and claimed, “They’re begging the question! Darned circular ontological logic!”

I’m not averse to continuing in this sense, even though this post won’t make cents since I never promote or sponsor blog posts. That’s okay–commercial blogging would have adverse effects in my life.

Is the tortuous nature of this post becoming torturous at all? Sorry if it is, but you are simply riding the roads inside my mind.

Yes indeed… the ramp took you right into a freewrite. Unfortunately, I failed to start a stopwatch before I started writing, so it may be an amount incongruent to a quarter-hour. It’s ironic since I’ve been timing the exam-grading today so carefully, when it doesn’t matter at all there!

Who’s calling me out on this bet? The post is pretty bemusing, though it might amuse people whose minds work similarly.

One reason why I grade my exams and assignments page-by-page is so that I don’t see the students’ names. It is important to be a disinterested grader.

Shed a tear for Tier II holidays, particularly when tonight commemorates the Holocaust.

I am literally eating and typing simultaneously, which is not very effective.

The students’ performance on some of these exams is leaving me nonplussed. Well, I was warned about performances on final exams at Stout…

My grading schemes are full of parameters and flags, but hopefully they are not overly sensitive.

As I journal on stationery, I notice a stationary front on the weather map. Uh-oh…

I’m staunchly driving this car out of the labyrinth of my mind. Hopefully a clearer post is ahead tomorrow. Instead, maybe it will be a mountain peak. Does this pique your interest?

I was the looser of the bet. No one can stop me now!


Today is the fourth day of the fifth round of M.A.P.L.E.

היום אחד ועשר יום-שהם שבוע אחד וארבאה ימים לעומר

Parkside On The Phone: Next right!

Tourney Times: 17 days.

Rochester: 24 days.

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