[M.A.P.L.E. V-13] Manifold

“Manifold” is a math term, but don’t worry, there’s no explicit math in the post. Unless you consider basic numbers, like ONE, TWO, and THREE. Don’t worry: I’m only going to listicle them, in a brief article. (And there will be a few pictures!)

ONE: The number of attempts that I needed to find a parking spot for my car yesterday, at the final destination of the day in the Twin Cities. (I was going to a play at a community center at 19:30, but intentionally arrived in town 150 minutes early.)

TWO: The number of vehicles I actually had with me. My “Handy 167*” and my Blue Steed. The Blue Steed was inside Handy 167 in order to accomplish the upcoming Three.


Handy-167… back when it was completely new in August 2015 (the In-Transit sticker was still in the window!)


The Blue Steed, who said, “Manifold!”, comfortably in the trunk of Handy 167 (taken yesterday)

THREE: The number of miles, separating the parking lot and a coffee shop where I met with a friend, that I got to enjoy the hills and wind with my Blue Steed.

This was super-enjoyable! There’s a reason why I got a folding bike in my senior year (and got a new one in 2013): the sheer convenience of folding it into a car or a train is amazing, as it allows me to park somewhere away from parking troubles, and then ride my bike to the downtown or other limited-parking venues. From here on out, my bike should always be in the car trunk when I use the car, since the weather will soon cause my Steed to whinny, “TAKE ME OUT! I WANT TO BE RIDDEN!”

If I ever go to a concert or sporting event in a city, I’d much rather bike it! The day that they start charging parking for bikes is the day that the world ends. (OK, I know that’s a little bit of a hyperbole, but still…)

Oh, and speaking of city, here’s a fourth number for you (OH NOES!)

FOUR: The number of days that I’m (initially) planning on working each week this summer. I want to reserve one weekday a week (maybe a different day each week) for adventuring, whether that be meeting friends in the Twin Cities or a mutual rendezvous spot, adventuring the roads in Dunn County or other counties in Wisconsin, going to a bridge tournament, or various other activities.

(*) “YAD” is the transliteration of the Hebrew word יד, which means hand.


Today is the thirteenth day of the fifth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes one week and six days.

היום עשרים יום-שהם שני שבועות שישה ימים לעומר

Tourney Times: 8 days.

Rochester: 14 days.

Kenosha: 19 days.

Twenty-Nine: 51 days.

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