[M.A.P.L.E. V-16] From bookmarks and margins (#4M)

It’s been a while since I’ve joined the Monday’s Music Moves Me meme (the last time was back in August)! Then again, it’s never too late to join, since there’s no obligation and no risk.

When I transfer my journals, I also look back at the planners that I used for the corresponding times. Oftentimes, I find interesting notes, including songs that I heard that I liked. Therefore, in this “Freebie” post, I’m going to list some of the songs that I have bookmarked and why. Most of these are of at least a quasi-electronic persuasion, but not all of them!

“Deck The House” by Akufen.

This one is a really strange song, and is very discombobulated. I heard it on WNUR last year, and enjoyed listening. Of course I am a discombobulated person myself, and the starts and stops sort of make me want to dance. When I was preparing dinner tonight, I couldn’t help myself from dancing all over the kitchen floor!

Postcard From The Volcano by Group 87.

I heard this song on WNUR last year, and immediately liked it… I can’t necessarily put my finger on why, but it’s an instrumental song, and has shades of songs that I also like, such as from video games or from pure-instrumental 80’s and 90’s songs.

The Perfect Kissby New Order.  

And then, when I posted a link to the song on Facebook, one of my friends asked, “Are you into New Order, by any chance?” and sent a link to THIS song. Indeed, I do like New Order, with my initial exposure to them being Blue Monday and Bizarre Love Triangle.

The March (Or Ornette Went To Miles’ House And They Didn’t Get Along)” by Curlew.

This song really reminds me of “Dispo Funk,” and it was played on The Jazz Show last year during March Madness, on a segment where each song’s name had March and or Madness in the title.

“Sleepless” by King Crimson.

This song actually popped up several times in my journal, and I evidently liked it so much as to mention it repeatedly. I heard it on Pandora on my “King’s Lead Hat” station, and obviously the part which makes me like it so much is the metal-guitar background.

This was a fun set of songs to chronicle.  Maybe I’ll participate in the #4M sooner than nine months from now!


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Today is the sixteenth day of the fifth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes two weeks and two days.

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Tournament Metropolis: Next 4 interchanges.

Madison: 4 days.

Rochester: 11 days.

Twenty-Nine: 48 days.

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