[M.A.P.L.E. V-19] Continuum rift! (#TBT?)

Earlier this week, carbon footprints and commuting came up as a discussion between one of my colleagues (Matt C.), and it somehow led us to search for Lincoln, NE on Google Maps. And THIS led to an interesting “Broken Time-Space…” without the risk of being donked coughtakeoutcoughdragonpumpcoughearthquakecough

The photos make this a quasi-TBT post, and perhaps the mention of cards that I had to contend with in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Pokemon-TCG seasons in the above paragraph further add to the #TBT.

Why the broken time-space? Let me first start with two different photos given on Google Maps from Menomonie. They are below:



Broadway/WI-25, looking southbound from Log Jam. This Google image is from October 2015.


A couple of blocks down the road, but 7 years earlier. A Google image with Street View from August 2008.

I find this disparity fascinating. Specifically, the Cenex gas station from that image went out of business in October or November 2015, so if the Google vehicle had uploaded from the entire Broadway drag, the photo would be completely different.

ACTUALLY, the Air View versus the Street View shows an interesting contradiction. Just north of Historic Downtown Menomonie, the sky-view shows an undeveloped plot with nothing there. But on street view, it has a CVS and the new 503 Broadway luxury-apartment complex.

I also like seeing the time capsule of the sky-high gas prices (this shows $3.79/gallon) from 2008. That was actually when I decided to start cutting back on driving! In fact, that’s an obvious segue to a post from last October (and for completeness, gas prices are at about $2.25/gallon today).

However, those two pictures were chosen in the post-hoc after the conversation. I find a particularly funny rift in comparing two different pictures in Lincoln on Google Maps… which are opposite sides of the same corner!


60th and Cotner, from April 2012.


Cotner & 60th (the same corner from the opposite side), from August 2015.


Well, that’s cool… my family’s salsa business Holy Tamole Salsa gets a shout-out on Google Maps! We didn’t have the Salsamobile OR the business in a full form back in 2012. Though I’m surprised that the Cow Car(s) aren’t in the parking lot. Go figure!


Today is the nineteenth day of the fifth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes two weeks and five days.

היום שישה ועשרים יום-שהם שלושה שבועות וחמישה ימים לעומר

Madison: Next right!

Kenosha East: 4 days.

Rochester: 8 days.

Kenosha West: 13 days.

Twenty-Nine: 45 days.


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