[M.A.P.L.E. V-22] Regionals Main Event Report

Yesterday, I played in the Pokemon TCG Midwest Regional Championship, which was my first time participating in a Regional Championship. Just like the first time I attended Nationals, I (voluntarily this time :p) had about a 45-minute commute from my hotel to the convention center. But the weather was impeccable, with the morning temperature near 15 Celsius, and abundant sunshine.

I chose to play “Creepy Forest,” which is a Trevenant variant that intends to use Gengar and Wobbuffet as clean-up attackers after the Trevenant have started the Silent Fear onslaught. But, the team had some major vulnerabilities that were exploited throughout the tournament. Nevertheless, here is the report. (It’s been a while since I’ve had a tournament report appear online, but I figure that my blog is a reasonable place to put them. Here goes nothing!)

  1. Noah vs. Joseph C. (Dark): This was pretty much an automatic-losing matchup for me, because Dark-types win the Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors game against my Ghost-types. In both games, he had a turn of a bazillion plays–in game 1 it was on turn 1, playing a bunch of Item cards to get set up, like Dark Patch and Max Elixir. In game 2, he played those after he defeated my lead-off Trevenant and its Forest Curse. Unfortunately, matchups are the name of the game here, and I think I planned poorly since there may be a lot of Darkness around here… Noah lost the match 0-6; 2-6 and has 0 victory points (0-1-0).
  2. Noah vs. Chris C. (Trevenant): In game 1, I started with a spread of Silent Fear attacks (which spread 30 points of damage to each of his Pokemon) on turn two, which took four turns to completely decimate his Bench which included two Shaymin EX (110 HP) and Jirachi EX (90 HP). In game 2, though he set up quickly, he made a major misplay, yet I failed to capitalize on it, since my late-game drawing became dead. All I needed was one Lysandre to take the game and match, but couldn’t field it. In game 3, a battle of Silent Fears was starting to swing his way, but I was saved by the bell, since incomplete games don’t countNoah tied the match 6-1; 5-6; unf. and has 1 victory point (0-1-1).
  3. Noah vs. Steve R. (Toadbox): In game 1, all I fielded were Wobbuffet, and his Item lock, Laserbank combo, and Jolteon EX made short work of my hapless drawing. In Game 2, he overextended resources after I went first to try to donk my lone Phantump (50 HP), but couldn’t draw into the Hypnotoxic Laser. He additionally had twice declared attacks with insufficient Energy due to my active Worry Seed Abilities, and that led me to a win in a long game. The third game was again swinging his way, but I was saved by the timer once again. Noah tied the match 0-4; 6-3; unf. and has 2 victory points (0-1-2).
    • Because of the long third-round match, I had no time to eat lunch. Good thing I brought my own blueberry muffins and an apple from the hotel!
  4. Noah vs. Eric W. (Sceptile/Malamar): This would ordinarily be a favorable matchup for me since I can stall him out with Worry Seed, but when you draw as badly as I did in both games (not getting a draw-Supporter card until I was already too far behind or starting with one Pokemon and getting no help), a neutral matchup turns into a “Samford-versus-Nebraska” type of loss. Noah lost the match 0-1; 2-6 and has 2 victory points (0-2-2).
  5. Noah vs. Colin S. (Night March): Finally, I play against a deck that I have a favorable matchup against! In both games, he went first, played a mountain of cards to set up a Night March attack, and squandered his Double Colorless Energy cards to be ripe for the picking with my Xerosic. In both games, I relied on the Worry Seed version of Trevenant, and forced his hand to make him run out of outs around it. Even Hex Maniac gave him insufficient recourse. Noah won the match 6-2; 6-0 and has 5 victory points (1-2-2).
  6. Noah vs. Jennifer A. (Lightning): In both games, I went second, and she used Hoopa-EX to get her Manectric EX and Shaymin EX in play early. I got my Trevenant-BREAK going in both games, and because Turbo Bolt requires 2 attacks to KO the BREAK, I spread enough damage to allow my Gengar and Wobbuffet to bat cleanup. I won the Stadium war between Rough Seas and Dimension Valley. Her Raichu army didn’t pose a threat either, because her Energy supply was not going well. Noah won the match 6-2; 6-3 and has 8 victory points (2-2-2).
  7. Noah vs. Paul D. (Dark): Ugh. Surprisingly, I survived a long time in Game 1, but he took too big of an early lead. His play of Silent Lab allowed me to Lysandre-stall out a Darkrai EX for a while, as he had most of his Energy in the discard pile. But later I replaced it with Dimension Valley. I should have left the Lab in play, but without knowing his deck makeup, I pushed for something  that was overdoing it. And I was mercifully (?) donked in game 2 to save me from any false hopes. Noah lost the match 3-6; 0-1 and has 8 victory points (2-3-2).
    • The way the sky was falling on me in this match, I probably needed the helmet as shown here:

      Noah vs. Paul in a Pokemon TCG match. Noah is wearing the blue shirt and red helmet.

      “Noah Weiss practicing safe Pokemon play!” Photo courtesy Joel M.

  8. Noah vs. Darion S. (Rayquaza-EX): In both games, he got a Hoopa-EX on turn one, and blew me away, because I can’t counter THAT speed of near-instant knockouts. And in Game 2, I failed to draw into ANY of my Stadium cards! Noah lost the match 2-6; 0-6 and has 8 victory points (2-4-2).
  9. Noah vs. Brad D. (Manectric/Regice/Toad): This match had the feeling of the battle against Jennifer, as both played Manectric-EX and Rough Seas. And honestly, I can probably copy-and-paste the synopsis of Round 6 into this report. This was a friendly rivalry match which was renewed after three years. It’s nice when I go to a big tournament and play against a familiar face, and this is a seemingly-rare occurrence when I win said matchup! Noah won the match 6-4; 6-1 and finishes with 11 victory points (3-4-2)

So, though I had a lot of bad matchups, I still had a great time at this tournament. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to Nationals, although I’ll definitely be playing a different deck. It will be one that I have played at League during this season, but it won’t be Creepy Forest.

And today, I returned to the convention center for the League Challenge side event. But I’ll spare the details here. Even though I’m now able to journal “live” since I’m all caught up! And I’m driving since I am not returning to the hotel afterward.

Though that last sentence makes me wonder: how do video game characters fit all of their inventory items on their character? They often carry A LOT of items…


Today is the twenty-second day of the fifth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes three weeks and one day.

היום תשעה ועשרים יום-שהם ארבעה שבועות ויום אחד לעומר

Kenosha East: Next right!

Rochester: 5 days.

Kenosha West: 10 days.

Twenty-Nine: 42 days.


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