[M.A.P.L.E. V-26] #TBT: September 1 2005

Today’s post, given that it is Thursday, is an old journal entry from my first two weeks at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Thursday, September 1, 2005                                                                      Day 11

The day started typically—I finished transferring notes, and then went to CPN for breakfast. Today, I had Crunch Berries, an apple, and hot chocolate. The news was about Hurricane Katrina [if I didn’t mention, it obliterated the Gulf Coast on Monday, especially New Orleans] and inflated gas prices. I was astonished to see gas prices above $3.00 yesterday! This really startled me [as my tank was low at the time]. I returned to the room, prepared for the day, and then went to Brace Lab for some (research) work.

Today, I inspected bandgap peaks again. On a lot of the graphs, there were two results that looked conspicuous. It could be one, both, or neither. Tomorrow, I’ll finish the job after lunch, before Physics 201H [First Year Seminar] (wow, that’s a lot of prepositions). Then I had Dr. Uiterwaal sign my time sheet, and then I returned to CPN for lunch.

I had brown rice with carrots & peas, tater tots, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and cranberry juice. Sometimes you just want to eat breakfast for lunch…certainly true in this case! I finished with a cookie and ice cream, and then walked to Burnett, taking some notes before Math 310H [Intro To Abstract Algebra And Number Theory] started.

Today, we went over a few proofs, and then discussed the Chinese remainder theorem, as well as mapping and bijections. Dr. Iyengar did a MUCH better job of explaining it than the book did. It also cleared up notation problems: \ is “not in” and (arrow with 2 lines) is “implies”. Today’s lecture helped me regain confidence—it should happen each day! Then, I sat in front of Burnett 115, finished my math assignment, and then finished my psych notes (for Tuesday, of course). I’m on the ball!

In Psychology 288 today, we discussed methods, using the “violent video game” reading that we had to read for this week. We discussed correlations and its problems (third-variable and direction of causality) [as well as experiments; how their weaknesses are correlational strengths and vice-versa]. It seems like the lecture is running behind the book. Staying ahead on the readings is good, though! I learned that one of my high school friends, Becky A., has transferred to here from Wesleyan, and is in my class :).

Walking back to Neihardt, today’s word phrase [that I shouted through the echoing columns between Burnett and Andrews Halls] was “Steve Winwood!” It’s because I heard “The Finer Things” this morning, ergo it got stuck in my head. That’s fine though—it’s one of my favorites! I transferred my psychology notes upon return, and checked my e-mail. There was nothing too important. As soon as I locked my door to head to Selleck, I realized my keys were still on the desk. I’m an imbecile II “X X”! I have to stop doing this, or I’ll start debiting “Penalty Expense”!

At Selleck, I had a taco, fries, and an M&M thursdae. It all tasted good—there’s not much else I can really say about it. Upon my return to Neihardt, I journaled to this point, and then did some crosswords. The floor started a meeting at 2000.

During the meeting, we set up floor government. I built a new cupboard in the cabinet and signed my name to it—“Math Help Chair”. Besides that, we also discussed floor rules and roommate agreements. Afterward, I completed notes transfer, and then called Mom, and crashed at 22:00. That’s getting to be my normal down-time, but it still yields 8.5 hours. That’s fine with me!



Today is the twenty-sixth day of the fifth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes three weeks and five days.

היום שלושה ושלושים יום-שהם ארבעה שבועות וחמישה ימים לעומר

Rochester: Next right!

Kenosha West: 6 days.

Twenty-Nine: 38 days.

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