[M.A.P.L.E. V-29] Sunday Funday

Although I consider myself to usually have fun on Sundays, it never involved alcohol or bars… rather cards or bike rides.

Today, my family and I did the Hoppy Trolley tour, and though I didn’t partake in the alcohol (well, I did have a few sips of disapproval :p), I still enjoyed the social experience.

There were all sorts of conversations, deadbolt failures, looping games of cornhole, and Top 40 music between breweries. I had some good root and ginger beer that did not raise my BAC.

And when with family and friends, their presence will mitigate my reservations about activities. And now I can say I have done a variant on a brewery tour!

Nevertheless, I think I will stick to bikes, bridge, board games, and/or Pokémon TCG for my Sunday Fundays. No need to drink in order to have fun!

Endmatter suspended for this Mobile Style post.


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