By the waters of Michigan 

We lay down and wept for thee, (insert faraway place here).

We remember (insert faraway place here).

Nope, this is not about sorrow near the water. Instead, it is about serenity!

This morning, I was walking with my friend Dina, and we stopped at the pond in Dawes Park. She marveled at how calming it is to go to this pond to calm her mind.

There is something to that. I could talk about auras and suchlike things, but I think that flowing water, whether natural like in the ocean, rivers, etc., or synthetic (e.g. ponds or fountains) have definite healing properties (if only mental).

Maybe this is one reason why I enjoy walks on lakes and other bodies of water. Togetherness in nature. It’s a part of my low drama personality.

Though it brings up a question. Why did I never go to the lake to clear my mind while working, in either Menomonie or Evanston? Perhaps I will try it in Kenosha.


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