Taglit Five Year Retrospective: Preface

JULY 19, 2011: It was my last full day of work before going on a life-changing experience. That evening, I did some bike training, and got home and fell asleep early due to being up early to catch a bus.

That bus took me to the airport the next day, which eventually landed me in Israel!

Fortuitously, the days of the week from March-on align to 2011. That is, today is July 19, 2016. But July 19, 2011 was also a Tuesday. Because of this fact, as well as five years being a significant anniversary year, I will be posting EVERY day for the remainder of this month.

Here is what will happen:

  • Tomorrow, I will post a previously-unpublished travelogue of July 20, 2011, before the trip began.
  • For the remaining days in July, I will post a new Five-Years-Later reflection on each day from my Israel trip, corresponding to that day. Each post will have the following commonalities:
    • They will have a link to the original journal entry, particularly for new readers of this blog.
    • They will contain new commentary on aspects of that day’s activities and happenings and thoughts, through my current lens.
    • They will all be scheduled to post at 18:21 Israel time (corresponding to 10:21 Central time).
  • The July 31 post will be an overall retrospective on five years of blogging (the “Wood Anniversary”), and will post at 13:00, just like my very first blog post.


Check out the remaining entries in this sequence!

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[Taglit 5-Year Retrospective part 11 of 11] Coming soon!


Kenosha: 13 days.

Orientation: 27 days.

Day 1: 52 days.

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