[Taglit 5-Year Retrospective-part 8 of 11] A Place in Time

On 27 July 2011, we traveled about the Negev desert, and seemed to have a lot of time on the bus. Therefore, I wanted to comment on time, as a reflection from what happened on this day.

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In reflecting on the trip five years later, I see one of the themes of July 27, 2011 was TIME. I’ll give a few stories and reflections on those stories. The themes will be Don’t RueLong 40 Minutes, and Is This Thing For Real, or Is It Just This Place In Time?

Don’t Rue

As we left קיבוץ גבולות (Kibbutz G’vulot) en route to קיבוץ נירים (Kibbutz Nirim), Eliana and I talked about my adage from 36 months prior to this trip–“Enjoy what you did; don’t rue what you didn’t.” I felt this way on the trip about some of the social opportunities that I might have let slip by. It was my opportunity to redouble my efforts in being social.

This adage is still part of my personality. Time goes quickly, and if you don’t take advantage of opportunities in a short time, you will miss them. This has been particularly salient in the last three months. While I worked at Stout, I had little time to do anything other than teaching, prep, and grading. My only real social activities were on the weekends, when I travelled to the Twin Cities or Eau Claire for services or Pokemon League.

Once I finished in the first weekend in May, I attended more of the Beth Jacob 20s/30s events, traveled to Madison and Chicago to see friends, and think I had a stronger time of social connections. This also meant that my roots grew deeper in the last three months, and means that it’s going to be harder, emotionally, leaving Menomonie than I might have otherwise considered!

Long 40 Minutes

During our trip, estimates of time were often quoted as “a long 40 minutes” or “a short 40 minutes.”

I still use those quotes on occasion as a legacy from the trip, and looking on some of the activities we did that day, it made the time estimates more salient. For example:

  • Sending messages via carrier pigeon is a Long 40 Minutes when compared to sending a text message, phone call, or e-mail. (But it was fun holding the pigeon! I didn’t get pecked or scratched.)


    Holding carrier pigeons at the old Kibbutz Nirim, before releasing them to the Fun Farm… the Salad Trail. (Credit: Michelle Gordon.)

  • Growing plants in the desert by using drip irrigation happens over a LOOOOOOOOONG 40 minutes.
  • Our drive from the Salad Trail to Sde Boker was a Long 40 Minutes.
  • The photo session at Sde Boker was a Short 40 Minutes, but resulted in some great photos:

    The Trust Walk, leading to the open view of the desert near Ben Gurion’s grave. (Credit: Sarah (Zollo) Rabin.)

    israel 706.JPG

    Noah and Dina, with the open Negev in the background. (Self-credit.)

    israel 711.JPG

    The grave of David Ben Gurion. (Self-credit.)

  • The “Long 40 Minutes” were apparently shortened as we played the game “That Camel Is Mine!”
    • It’s fun to pass time in vehicles, both then and now, by chatting with others, watching the scenery with a purpose, or journaling.


Is This Thing For Real or Is It Just This Place In Time?

Some of the activities that we did still seem surreal, like the camel rides, the fun that we had at the Bedouin tents, and just the whole experience. I’d rather give a photo-essay of this part… as well as a song that was written by Jared Rabin, from our trip. The latter is certainly a legacy that I maintain, and each of these experiences I maintain as fun memories. They have all increased my sense of adventure, and make me want to pursue similar activities.

israel 773.JPG

Camel rides as the sun began to set. (Self-credit for photo.)

israel 779.JPG

Bedouin hospitality in the Tents. (Self-credit for photo.)


Preparing for dinner, and obviously blinking as the flash took. :p (Photo credit: Lina (Belkin) Midla.)

And I went to bed late that night, but didn’t care. And tomorrow, the topic may be different from what people are expecting. STAY TUNED!


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Kenosha: 5 days.

Orientation: 19 days.

Day 1: 42 days.

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