That’s a new one.

To start things off, I am NOT trying to find a clever way to get around the censors. I’m still content with my 90% Baker House purity score. The letter “k” is NOT to be replaced with “x.”

For my readers who followed Nebraska basketball, you might think, “Has he fused with #1?” Nope, I am neither fused, nor in a Celebrity-Style Relationship, with Sek Henry.

Instead, it’s a video post. As I think I mentioned in my last posts from the Five-Year Anniversary sequence, I moved to Kenosha.

Well, “Noahsek” is an anagram of “Kenosha.” Suggested to me by my brother Levi, and I am grateful to bestow that nickname upon my apartment.

Unlike when I gave a few photos of the Anemone, this time I’d like to show Noahsek in video format! Enjoy the grand (?) tour.


Orientation: 11 days.

Day 1: 34 days.

High Holidays: 60 days.

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