As a blogger, though I enjoy writing posts, I also enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts.

However, I put reading others’ posts on a much lower pedestal among my other hobby activities, and unless I am in a sequence of scheduled posts (e.g. M.A.P.L.E.), blogging sometimes takes a lower rung on my list of priorities.

Eh… it also doesn’t help that I was moving this week, which caused my e-mail box to overflow with links to blog posts, since I use e-mail subscriptions for most of the blogs that I read.

As of yesterday, my Inbox had 130 unread messages, most of which were blog posts or links to them. This number would probably be a molehill for most people, but for me it was a mountain of mostly click-and-delete, especially if the blurb in the e-mail had a “Click here to read the remainder of the post” at the bottom.

Yet, if 130 unread messages was a mountain, then 500 unread messages was Mt. Everest, when I didn’t check my e-mail for 3 weeks in July 2001 due to being at the Duke TIP camp. Of course, almost all of the messages at that time were worthless.

Though I hate to single out a blog, I find it very difficult to keep up with all of the posts that Sue Vincent blogs or reblogs. I enjoy her writing,  but it is certainly overwhelming to try and read  all of the posts. I apologize if this appears to be an attack, Sue, because it is not.

What I have to realize: a subscription to a blog is not an obligation to read every new post, particularly since I don’t have to pay anything to read a blog. Not every post will interest me, and I have to budget time appropriately. After all, I think I have mentioned on this blog that although I love writing, I don’t really like reading.

This morning, I got my unread messages down to 0, and currently have no unread messages in any of my inboxes (personal or work). That always feels good, for my policy is to clear the e-mail inbox as quickly as possible.

But, when in the process of settling into a new place, unpacking, exploring, and stocking take precedence!

It makes me wonder, as well, after I read a back-logged post, how late is too late to make a comment, assuming that the comment thread doesn’t close after a certain amount of time?

Sorry for the rambling. I’m just killing some time before the next step in making חלה (challah) for tonight!


Orientation: 10 days.

Day 1: 33 days.

High Holidays: 59 days.

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