In a session of Bingers (Not-So-) Anonymous: [note: all names other than Noah are fictitious, and since I have never been to a support group before, this transcript is my impression of how it might go. Obviously, this is not intended to poke fun at support groups, but is more based on my reflection on “binge activity.”]

NOAH: “Hi, I am Noah Weiss, and I am a binger.”


NOAH: “Although we all binge, I have noticed several problems appearing more frequently, ever since 2014.”

(The support group readies for a laundry list.)

NOAH: “On Labor Day 2014, I felt the intense urge to play bridge all day. Not only did I play in a tournament that lasted one playthrough session, but I continued with the bridge on Bridge Base Online after I got home. And I needed to be doing research.”

(One of the members begins to look at a phone.)

NOAH: “Then just before I moved to Menomonie, I got caught up in the bridge binge bug again. I had planned to play in one session of the NABC, but was roped into another session.”

NOAH: “And just two days ago, I dug for gold points and came up empty in a two-session event, when I should have been preparing for my courses that start, now, in 13 days.”

DON: “That seems fairly normal for a bridge player. Haven’t we all had those hobbies that take us out of work every once in a while?”

NOAH: “It’s not just bridge. Sometimes even my work turns into binging. I have had many late nights cramming in prep work or setting up online homework problems for my students. Although I have gotten better with time management, it still feels that I can spend 3 or more consecutive hours at a time on these activities. I forget to eat, forget to relieve myself, and burn out.”

(Alexis sighs deeply, as if she suffered the same difficulty.)

NOAH: “And TV binging has recently entered my bad habits too. Sure, we probably all binged on the Olympics since it occurs so rarely and in a short period of time. But two months ago, I watched the Back to the Future trilogy, back-to-back-to-back. That was six hours of consecutive watching!”


NOAH: “Then, on Monday, I watched two and a half hours of various iterations of Pyramid and the ABC Match Game, all on my DVR. I know that’s not healthy, but I have the same obsession with clearing my DVR as with clearing my inbox. What can I do here?”


Carthage Teaching: 13 days

NU vs NU: 30 days

High Holidays: 39 days

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