Take five and take ten

Five years ago, on August 27, 2011, I had a momentous Saturday. Ten years ago, on August 27, 2006, I felt the recovery from a virus, of which the previous day was among the worst days in my undergraduate years. I have already given the full journal of FIVE years ago, so wanted to make a reflection on it a-la my reflections on the Israel trip. Then, I will give the full journal of 2006’s August 27.

There will be photos from five years ago!

WARNING: This is a long post since it would be better to have it as two posts. Sorry!

2011: Wrigley Field Road Tour

This ride was the culmination of my fittest year ever. I was in great shape to ride the 105 total miles on the day, regardless of what the weather was like. Additionally, I felt great about the ride with the community that I had built through group rides and CompuTraining, even if I was not the fastest (nor the slowest) rider.

Aug2011 077.JPG

Some of my T2 teammates and friends from the ride.

Aug2011 084.JPG

Riding down the concourse of Wrigley Field… a once-in-a-lifetime experience! (Though I didn’t stop at the Troughs since I’m an honorary member of Team KYBO!)

Reading back on the journal from five years ago, I had forgotten how I decided to highlight the previous memories which came to mind as we rode. When you’re in an activity for a long time, especially something which is physically grueling, recalling memories is an excellent way to take your mind in another direction. And also, small support crowds that appear along the way… though it would be hard to stretch support for 100 miles!

Aug2011 111.JPG

In the second stage of the ride, my framing of the ride as six  shorter rides was a technique that I still use today, in a different context. Specifically, I chunk grading into problems rather than papers, and it seems to go faster.

Also, the escape from Familiar Territory was fascinating to me, given that I have blogged about seeming length of unfamiliar roads. It wouldn’t seem so bad today since I have done the North Shore Century several times, and have also driven down the north-Illinois segments of Sheridan Road.

But it was fun riding into new places like Waukegan and Zion.

Aug2011 203.JPG

Hello Waukegan!

I also learnt something about pacing that day–even though I was in great shape, I wasn’t strong enough to keep up with one of the faster pace groups, and since the ride was not a race, I had to realize when to step back and “see the flowers.” (Pun obviously intended for one of my favorite road signs coming up…)

Aug2011 207

Look! Flowers!

Oh, and the wind was brutal, despite my powerful body.

Aug2011 223.JPG

Yep, that wind is blowing mostly in my face, as it had been for 45 miles.

Since I have more words from ten years ago on a completely unrelated thing, I will finish this part of the post with some other photos from the ride, along with captions.

Aug2011 231.JPG

It was my first-ever inter-state bike ride.

Aug2011 254.JPG

My first time in downtown Kenosha.

Aug2011 278.JPG

An apt foreshadowing of five years down the road!

Aug2011 307.JPG

“Racine” up a snaky hill!

Aug2011 344.JPG

Had to include at least one “Fail Photo.” (No worries, I did NOT fall off my bike–my camera simply took a photo while dangling from my arm.)

Aug2011 358.JPG

Getting close!

Aug2011 378.JPG

Thanks to the Brhely family!

Aug2011 404.JPG

Tri-ple di-gits! (clap-clap clap-clap-clap)

Aug2011 414.JPG

Crossing the bridge toward the final turn!

Aug2011 431.JPG

Victory (Miller Park) is in Super Blurry Sight! (My eyesight was not blurry, but it’s an interesting visual coincidence.)


I DID IT! Photo courtesy: Troy Brhely.


WE did it! Photo courtesy: Troy Brhely.

Aug2011 466.JPG

But the Lovable Losers did not.

Aug2011 472.JPG

Resisted the urge to shout, “מספרי ברזל להתפקד”!

2006: Virus Recovery Day

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Background: I was suffering from a virus that gave me a headache and stomachache since Friday, but Dad said that it wasn’t contagious and that I could engage in my normal activities.

I woke up at 630, shaved, and showered.  Oddly enough, it actually felt GOOD! (Then again, I hadn’t shaved in more than a week.)  I also took some Tylenol, although I felt a lot better this morning anyway.  After that, I equipped my Runza summer uniform and began to journal from yesterday.  Being busy and not feeling well makes it tough to get me motivated to write.

At 830, I had Josh B. (our health aide) take my temperature.  It read 98.0 °F, so it either means that the Tylenol significantly cut my temperature or that the virus has finished.  Hopefully it’s the latter, obviously!

I had some Grape Nuts and yogurt for breakfast, and also some tea and Gatorade while surfing journalstar.com for news.  There was nothing too exciting, but something very shocking!  Southeast LOST to East in football!  (The last few seasons have had very rough starts for Southeast’s football team.)  Unfortunately for them, the competition will only get fiercer!

I probably should have transferred some notes during this time too.  I finished section 1.3 in Math 324 [Partial Differential Equations], but I think the transfer is necessary for study purposes.  I’ll pack my PC and binders and try to “Git ‘r’ Done” during the time between work and bowling, or bowling and the meeting.  At 1025, I walked to my car.  It’s cloudy and gloomy today…

Of course, getting there wasn’t much better than yesterday… EVERY red light south of Randolph, slow cars, … UGH!  Again, though, I heard a good song on the radio: “Keep Feeling Fascination.”  So I modified the lyrics: “Keep hitting all the red lights, burning me up, annoying!”  I like to do those kinds of things!

At Runza, I felt that I had my full strength.  Before it got busy, I checked the pop room, cleaned tables, and did some similar busywork tasks.  Today did NOT feel busy at all—I mostly did the register alone without Meghan there (or vice-versa), and we traded cleaning jobs, prep-work, and similar whatchamadeelies.  There were no familiar faces this time 😦 (hey, maybe next time!)

The drive-thru kept beeping during the afternoon, but it was never unmanageable.  It slowed down enough for us to do the “New Old Weekly Cleaning List” with jobs such as dusting, organizing, and other odd jobs.  They’re important, but sometimes it’s hard for me to do them, since I dislike discontinuities, and customer entry frequently interrupt these missions.

I lost no (well, no “extra”) energy during work: another probable sign of recovery.  I did have some gas, though, but it was no problem.  At 1700, I walked to the car in the sprinkling rain and called Mom to let her know how I felt.  Dad then came on and deduced that I had shaken off the virus after hearing about 98.0.  YES!  I then carefully drove off to Sun Valley Lanes.

At SVL, I got a burger and fries and did a little bit of notes transfer, but it wasn’t very successful: I got distracted several times, by the KFRX rap and when RJ introduced me to the team.  I’m on the team “We’re Here,” with Mark, Jeremiah, and Tara. Mark appears to be in his 20s or 30s, and I’m not sure how to describe him. I’m pretty sure that Jeremiah is his brother, and I don’t know whether Tara is a spouse or a sister.

Our opponents tonight were “Last Minute,” with Kathleen and Clyde, Maryann, and Erin: the first two appeared to be happily-married for many years, and the other two were young and middle-aged, respectively.  In Game One, Clyde hit TEN consecutive strikes and had a final score of 289 (!!)  I only mustered a 114, but it’s much better than double-digits.  They had the Handicap advantage anyway, but they beat us outright in this game due to Clyde’s score.

I did better in Game II, but kept missing the lone “5” pins.  I ended up with 129, and Clyde’s streak ended.  Our team, in general, did better, and we won this game.  I drank some Mountain Dew, watched the Carlson clan play cards (including mock-Texas hold-em, pair solitaire, and 31).  Perhaps I overdid it on the pop today; my stomach is starting to hurt.  I should have brought some Tums or something!

I didn’t perform very well in game 3, but managed a 104 anyway.  That starts my average at 116—not bad.  This reduced the opponents’ handicap, but not enough to change the outcome either way.  We slightly lost this game, which means we lost the series 1-3.  Next time…

It was 2038, so I drove back to Runza via 9th Street.  The rain had intensified a bit, and my windshield kept fogging up.  Quite annoying if I do say so… but I safely arrived at Runza with six minutes of “Good Time” remaining.  Lots of people were already there, but Bree (one of the managers) was mysteriously absent.  Not a good thing!

The meeting started at 2115 (hah! Late like always…) and Anthony led off on availability.  More availability will net more hours for the willing worker.  It can get tough with all of the conflicts that I have during the fall, and there will of course be the football problem.  I will do what I can, though!

Munson continued with the cleaning lists.  Runza U was evidently not happy with the cleanliness of our store, and neither was Karolyn.  The famous phrase, “If you have time to lean, you’ve got time to clean” appeared again in this discussion.

After that, Bree [who obviously arrived, albeit late] added customer service to this list.  It involved hints such as: SMILE!, greet the customer, use good manners, etc.  I don’t think that was a problem for me, other than sometimes being a little too informal.

Brian then talked about closing shifts.  I need to do more of them if I start having (or choosing) to work night shifts.  Then, Anthony brought up the problem of register shortage.  We’re still having major problems with accuracy: being off $100+ four months in a row.  This either implies idiocy or thievery.  It’s frustrating to have your drawer off, especially when you think that everything is correct.  Pam won the contest of the closest drawers.

I returned to UNL after the meeting, and still had a sore stomach.  Even the Pepto-Bismol didn’t help me much.  In other words, no matter what diversion tactics I tried, I couldn’t fall asleep.  I pretty much woke up every 20 minutes with an urge to go to the restroom.  It was gas and (diarrhea?), but no vomiting, even though I was queasy.  I somehow managed to crash at 230.  Hopefully I will have enough energy to function tomorrow…



Okay, I think that I DO need to split this kind of post next time.


Carthage Teaching: 11 days

NU vs NU: 28 days

High Holidays: 37 days

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